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As important and fundamental as voting is, it can feel kind of, well, dry, especially when we try to teach the young ones in our lives about this important civic duty. The good news is we have a chance to put the FUN back in this FUNdamental act of democracy by educating the future voters in our lives while raising our collective voices on child care at the ballot box this fall!

CLICK NOW to be a child care voter. Already registered? Then quickly check that your voter registration is up to date! It’s that easy!

Though kids may not yet realize how cool voting is (though if your child already does, you get a gold star), we can get them started on the important journey of being an educated, empowered voter one day! And what better way to do this than through BOOKS? Summer reading AND growing their civic engagement muscles? It’s a win-win for democracy and a way to keep them busy while you are forced to take work calls from your bathroom because of the struggle of summer child care.

Check out this great summer reading list to help introduce the future voters in your life on the importance of civic duty in a fun and engaging way!

Though summer reading can be a relaxing way to pass time, families just can’t relax because child care continues to be inaccessible and unaffordable with many paying a third of their take home pay to child care, the annual price of infant child care across the country exceeding the annual cost of in‑state tuition at a public four‑year university, and more than half of families live in child care deserts, where families either have NO access to child care or there are not enough child care providers available

This is why families and kids NEED you to be heard! Click here to check that you are registered to vote and all your information is up to date. Or if you haven’t registered yet, you can click here to register.

We see you and thank you for everything you’ve done and will continue to do to ensure our families and country can thrive. You are taking the important actions to build a stronger and brighter democracy for those of us here today and for future generations to come!

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