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Pride Month

The New Hampshire Queer Consortium

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Psssst! Bethany and I would love it if you listened to “Girlfriend” by Hemlocke Springs, before, during or after you read this blog post!


While Pride month continues to bloom, I’m inspired and motivated by the many incredible Granite Staters who are working to build a better and more inclusive New Hampshire. I was so excited when I met Bethany Murabito (she/her) in the halls of the state house this spring when we instantly connected over our fierce love for the LGBTQIA+ community and our cat eyeliner sharp enough to… well, if you know you know!

Bethany is the extraordinary founder of the New Hampshire Queer Consortium (NHQC). Through her work, Bethany has not only created a vital network for the LGBTQ+ community in New Hampshire but has also centered her work with a spirit of joy and inclusiveness that deeply resonates with me and all of us at MomsRising!

With a remarkable $1.8 million grant secured in August 2021, Bethany launched a healthcare navigator program aimed at helping all underserved individuals in our state, including immigrant, rural, impoverished, substance-abusing, unhoused, and LGBTQIA+ communities, to access public health insurance. Over time, she built out specific support for the LGBTQIA+ community and focused her energy in that space as the Director of LGBTQIA+ Health.

In a small state like ours finding clear, affordable, and comprehensive health coverage can be challenging, but through her work, Bethany helped to make sure that members of marginalized communities receive the healthcare they need and deserve.

In an effort to create a common thread between individuals, organizations and groups in LGBTQ+ community in New Hampshire, Bethany founded the New Hampshire Queer Consortium. NHQC started hosting events and networking opportunities bringing together organizations like Seacoast Outright and others to create a cohesive and supportive network.

"New Hampshire is so small, but that’s why it’s perfect for a consortium like NHQC," Bethany said. "We could be the go-to resource for information and support within the queer community here."

NHQC is more than just an organization; it’s a community-owned safe space where LGBTQ+ individuals can find connection and support. The consortium’s focus is on networking and celebrating the unique and vibrant facets of queer life. Whether it’s a new business venture, a fundraising effort, or a much-needed policy change, NHQC is helping to center and celebrate queer joy in all its forms.

One of the most profound insights Bethany shared was the importance of celebrating queer joy. Amidst the often disheartening focus on policies and discrimination, Bethany and the NHQC emphasize the need to uplift the community through joy and connectedness.

"We’re always so caught up in the disappointing distractions of policy, but this should be about connectedness and chosen family gathering to celebrate love and support for each other," Bethany said.

From the artistry and joy of drag to the inspirational stories shared by the community, NHQC embodies the spirit of queer joy. The consortium hosts events that bring people together to share their coming out stories, celebrate achievements, and simply revel in the joy of being their true selves. These gatherings are a testament to the power of community and the strength that comes from being part of a supportive network.

This Pride Month, join MomsRising in celebrating the New Hampshire Queer Consortium and Bethany’s incredible work. 

Explore the vibrant world of queer joy through their Instagram, attend a meeting, or simply reach out to Bethany and learn more about how you can get involved. Together, we can build a world where everyone can thrive in love and acceptance.

Remember, love is love. Happy Pride! 

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