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Are you an artist or creative? Do you have ideas on what our communities need to thrive and build a sense of safety and belonging? If so, we invite you to join the MomsRising coloring/drawing for a community safety challenge! 

MomsRising has been working at the local,  state, and federal levels to advocate for meaningful community safety efforts.  We know it is time to reimagine public safety and create crisis responses that are appropriate and equipped to meet the needs of communities. The reality is that our current approach to public safety is not working for children or families. What we are clear on is that this is an emergency, and far too often, the current excessive policing approaches have had devastating and deadly effects, particularly for youth, people living with disabilities, and communities of color.  

Communities across the country are already advocating for and implementing innovative strategies to prevent violence, reduce harm, and improve the well-being of every community. Creative ideas from community members are a big part of those efforts. 

Click to Download: 

Submit your drawings and coloring pages to the MomsRising coloring for community safety challenge, and let your creative ideas spark real change!

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for elected leaders to step up and support new inclusive, holistic, and health-centered approaches to dealing with crises   that will reduce harm and truly keep our communities safe.

MomsRising is committed to meaningful conversations and solutions about community safety, and we know you are also thinking about this in your   communities. 

Click to Download: 

We want to hear your ideas and experiences and we invite community members of all ages to showcase their coloring and drawing talents. 

Follow these steps to submit your work and to participate!  

  1. Choose Your Coloring or Drawing Page: Select your favorite coloring page from our website’s collection, or make your own! 

  2. Get Creative: Show us your creativity and bring your drawings or coloring pages to life with your artistry! Bring ideas for things in your community or things your community needs to build safety and a culture of care and belonging for all. (Please note we are looking for alternatives to police interventions.)

  3. Like Our MomsRising Facebook Page: Show us your support by liking our official Facebook page. Artwork will be featured on MomsRising social media communities!

  4. Follow Us on MomsRising Instagram: Keep up to date with all our latest news and updates by following our Instagram account.

  5. Submit Your Artwork: Scan or take a clear photo of the finished artwork and submit it to this form.

Rolling Submission Deadline 

MomsRising is accepting rolling submissions for the coloring/drawing challenge; submissions can be sent starting June 25th, 2024.

Rules To Participate In The Contest 

  • Participants of all ages.

  • Only one submission per person is allowed.

  • The coloring/Drawing page used for the submission must be from our website.

  • Be innovative, we are looking for non-police interventions.

  • Please be sure to include your first name (can include full name), age, state, and a short description of your work. 2-5 sentences max. 

  • Got questions? Email 

 We cannot wait to see your artwork and show our communities and elected leaders how visionaries like you are stepping up to reimagine what community safety can be for all our communities. 

 Let's get creative!

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