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February 10, 2011
Statement The announcement today by the Internal Revenue Service that they will reverse the rule preventing moms from deducting the cost of breastfeeding equipment as a medical expense is good for babies, good for moms and good for the public health. Every major authority on child health, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends breastfeeding infants in order to ensure optimal health for both mother and child.  
February 4, 2011
Statement Two years ago, President Obama signed into law the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act. This important law has helped ensure that millions of kids received much-needed health care and has turned out to be even more important to America’s families in these tough economic times than we imagined. In combination with Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) serve more than 42 million children.  
February 4, 2011
News release In 2008, Toys “R” Us issued a news release indicating that it would reduce the use of a common but dangerous toxin called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in products and packaging and offer more PVC-free products. That has not yet happened., an online and on-the-ground grassroots organization for moms and everyone who has a mom and cares about family economic security, is urging the company to make good on that promise.  
February 3, 2011
News release The 112th Congress has a lot on its plate and at least one advocacy organization wants to help them keep track of it all. This week, delivered to-do notepads to each Member of Congress that will help them keep their tasks (and priorities!) in order. The small, blue notepads feature a welcome message wishing Congress a “MOMumental” year. They were delivered with a letter thanking them for their service to our nation and its families.  
January 25, 2011
News release On January 12, President Obama urged the nation to live up to the expectations of Christina Taylor Green, the nine-year-old girl who was one of the victims of the Tucson shooting. In the wake of the tragedy, a call for increased civility in public discourse rang out and some members of Congress took it to heart.  
January 19, 2011
Statement "Save lives, cut the deficit, and give people the freedom to help sick children. How could anyone be against that? Yet, efforts are afoot in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act before it's even fully implemented as planned over the next several years. In fact, there's a vote expected in the House to take up this matter next week. This direction is bad for our nation.
January 13, 2011
News release What did the mom say to the Massachusetts legislator? “Orange ya glad you have paid sick days? Don’t you think everyone should?” Massachusetts moms, dads and others asked lawmakers that very question today, when they visited the State House to deliver the message that workers should not have to choose between going to work sick and losing a day’s pay if they or a family member fall ill.  
January 7, 2011
News release On the first day of school many moms across the country slip a little note into their child's lunch. This year, Washington moms are going to slip a little note into the lunch bags of Washington legislators when the session begins. Those moms will deliver lunch bags and messages from families across the state urging legislators to remember kids and families during these tough economic times.  
January 5, 2011
News release A bottle of hand sanitizer is great, but it can only do so much to prevent a cold or the flu. Once someone gets sick, what they really need is time off from work to get better and to help them avoid spreading germs. Unfortunately, four in ten Connecticut workers have to sacrifice their pay – or even their jobs – if they need to take time off.
January 4, 2011
Statement “With the signing of the Food Safety Act, we are one step closer to a healthier country. Food recalls over the last few years have sent cold shocks through the hearts of moms and dads everywhere. It’s hard enough to get pick kids to eat healthy food, without having to worry about whether they might get a potentially fatal food-borne illness from contaminated food.