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MomsRising Newsroom

April 1, 2020
Statement “The circumstances are devastating and the program far, far from adequate but, nonetheless, this is a landmark day in the United States – today marks the first ever in which we have limited, nationwide paid sick days and paid leave in place for working families.
March 31, 2020
Statement “As the COVID-19 crisis shines a light on our nation’s unconscionable wealth gap, Equal Pay Day serves as a painful annual reminder of one of root causes of this inequality. In the United States today, women across all races and ethnicities are paid just 82 cents on average for every dollar paid to men. Many racial and ethnic groups face even more punitive gaps. For example, Black women are paid just 62 cents, Native American women 57 cents, and Latinas 52 cents for every dollar paid to White, non-Hispanic men.
March 27, 2020
Statement “The CARES Act will provide urgently needed support to moms and working families, small businesses, and to our health care system including the skilled, heroic frontline workers who are caring for those who have been stricken by COVID-19. Despite its flaws, America’s moms commend Congress for passing it -- while at the same time urging members to immediately begin work on another rescue package that supplements and fixes it by targeting aid to all those in need.
March 24, 2020
Statement “We commend Democratic leaders in both the U.S. Senate and the House for fighting so hard for working families and urge them to continue doing so as Congress finalizes its third coronavirus relief package. This bill will provide unprecedented resources to get us through this unprecedented emergency, and it absolutely must direct those resources to working families – not to a slush fund that will benefit wealthy corporations, without oversight or transparency.
March 23, 2020
Statement “In emergencies like this, it is especially important that the solutions we craft and the resources we allocate are targeted to those in greatest need. Every family that needs it, including families with mixed immigration status, must be able to access testing and treatment so they can combat the coronavirus. Even the President said he agrees on that. 
March 14, 2020
Statement “The U.S. House of Representatives took a vitally important step to stabilize the country, support and protect moms, and help families at particular risk by passing the Families First Coronavirus Response Act last night. America’s moms are enormously grateful that the House stayed in session through the wee hours of the night to get this done, and demand that the U.S. Senate now immediately pass this smart, bipartisan legislation that will make a huge difference for tens of millions of families.
March 11, 2020
Statement “Moms are scared. Families are hurting. And tonight we were angered as we watched President Trump utterly fail to adequately address the coronavirus pandemic. We may never have needed our government to step up with meaningful solutions more than we do now. But President Trump didn’t do that tonight.  
March 9, 2020
Statement “America’s moms are thrilled that U.S. Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Rosa DeLauro introduced emergency paid sick days legislation last week. The Paid Sick Days for Public Health Emergencies and Personal and Family Care Act is an urgently needed bill that would allow every employee to take up to seven paid sick days per year, with the option to add another 14 days for those dealing with COVID-19 or a future public health emergency. It includes time for quarantine, treatment and isolation if needed, and for caregiving if a loved one is ill.
March 3, 2020
Statement “As a longtime resident of Kirkland, Washington, which sadly is the epicenter of fast-spreading coronavirus in the United States, I am seeing firsthand how a long, slow national emergency is becoming a dangerous, deadly crisis. Because the U.S. Senate and the Trump administration have been attacking, rather than expanding access to health care, tens of millions of people in this country do not have ready access to the coverage and care they need.
February 11, 2020
Statement “Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) women continue to face shameful, deeply damaging wage gaps. In the United States today, AAPI women are paid just 90 cents on average for every dollar paid to a White, non-Hispanic man. That doesn’t tell the whole story: Nepalese women in this country are paid just 50 cents on the dollar on average, and Cambodian, Fijian, and Burmese women less than 60 cents on average compared to White, non-Hispanic men.