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Vicious cycle

Just got my benefits taken away at work including sick and holiday pay because I can't afford to pay for child care and work full time. My checks suffer because of these paid days not being honored. Vicious cycle?

It was two and a half yea...

It was two and a half years ago when I discovered that my two year old daughter was being abused in daycare. The moment my suspicions were confirmed, she could no longer attend that daycare. I am a single mother, a professional in the mental health ...
—AnonymousNew York

Feeling Ashamed For Taking Care of my Child

I work with all men whose wives are responsible for their children's care and are unsympathetic to any issues with sick time and daycare concerning my child. When I need to take care of something for my child during working hours I am sure it validates ...
—AnonymousRhode Island

Childcare should matter more to the state

I work 35-40 hours per week at a child care center, where my one year old son is also enrolled. My partner works 40-50 hours a week as a mechanic at a very busy shop. Our daycare rate is cut in half because I'm an employee -- but is still more than half ...

Daycare Assistant's warning to parents about home daycare settings

I was a daycare assistant in a home daycare setting in Irvine CA for approximately 5 months. What I discovered is that the motivation for most of these business owners is the opportunity to supplement their income while being able to stay home with their ...

I am a disabled mother of...

I am a disabled mother of two. I get TANF for my youngest son and am looking forward to trying to go back to school or work when my youngest enters preschool. Thanks for keeping that option open for me!

Importance of Early Learning

I taught Early Childhood Education classes at a local Community College many years ago! It is clear that early learning is key to educational development as children approach elementary and high school learning.

I want to thank you for looking to ...

I was a childcare directo...

I was a childcare director for 25 years. Early learning is critical in the success of young children.

Paying for childcare on an NIH fellow stipend, could you do it?

I have two children, ages 5 and 8, and have one more due to be born in September. I had my two older children while going to graduate school and obtaining a doctoral degree in immunology. I am now an immunology fellow in the Dept. of Immunology at the ...

Ive been lucky to find s...

I've been lucky to find stay at home mom friends who are able to watch my kids during the day while I'm at work. Unfortunately they will not be able to help out when my son starts Kindergarten since their own children will be in different schools than ...

Student Families Reaching Their Goals

I have worked with young children in Washington State for close to 25 years. Never have I seen the need so great for programs supporting families with young children. I am deeply grateful that, despite multiple competing needs, others see both the need ...

working as a subsidized childcare social worker and still not able to pay for childcare

As a single mother and a social worker, I am still within 200% of the poverty limit. Unfortunately, my gross monthly income has always been just enough to exclude me from receiving food stamps and subsidized child care. Effective 8/1/11, the income limit ...
—Shannon NC

Breastfeeding Toddler

I am searching for childcare for the first time for my 20 month old son who i s breastfed. It has been difficult to find a center that seems supportive of my coming to nurse him over my lunch break.

One center told me they would have to contact the ...


Expensive Childcare

My husband and I are barely able to afford childcare for our one child who has been in daycare since she was 3mos. old. We both work and make more money working than one of staying home to watch our daughter. We would like another child but we cannot ...

My Children's Education Matters!

I have been on Washington State's Working Connection Program since I have had children which is about six years. The program is offered through the Department of Social and Health Services to allow working families to afford their childcare expenses. ...


My daughter in law started a job in Charlotte Meck and has no magic markers, construction papers, pencils, etc. We are having to supply these for her as she has had no job. She has no power or electricity in her room right now and can't get help. This ...

no grade

we live in Pitt county where the end of the year grade for all the schools in the county was ( 0 ) . no school passed. so why would you want to cut back funding? we need to add more Teachers, aides etc, to our schools because just like Pitt co. the rest ...


With the combined Federal/State budget cuts we have seen change in all levels of education and a steep increase in the amount of students allowed per classroom. At the Elementary school level this does not allow the teacher's to help those students who ...

pregnant and worried

Childcare needs to be afordable for everyone in need. Many individuals can't afford to stay at home with their children so in return this makes childcare a necessity. In Missouri alone minimum wage is $7.25 an hour which with children is almost nothing. ...

The cost of quality child care

I am very lucky (maybe not in the 1% lucky, but definitely in the 1 out of 5 range) that we can afford the quality child care we desire for our two children. In our case, we have a wonderful nanny who comes to our home to watch our children. But I see ...
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