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educating mothers

i was a daycare provider for over 10 years. i was always amazed at the state assistance programs and how the treated young poor mothers. from time to time i would have a parent who could not find a job but wanted to attend school and needed help with ...

Child care is more than necessary!!

Child care is at the very foundation of this country, as YOU WELL KNOW. Please don't let it faulter on "your watch".

Grandmother urges attention to reschool subsidyt for working parent.

My daughter is a single mother who is supporting her children. Since the boys are in preschool, she relies on the schooling she pays for to provide the care they need while she earns money.l In accord with your campaign promises to keep the state economy ...

I am really upset that th...

I am really upset that there is a lot of talk for the people in politics are deciding on people's livelyhood and our children's furture. How are can they actually take away funding for Child care. I depend on child care in order for me to continue working. ...

Lousy breakfast.

I was a 2nd grade teacher talking to one of my students in the recess yard. He said that his sister was a lousy cook and had burned the toast that morning. I asked where his mother was. He said she leaves for work before they wake up. I asked how ...
—MarySouth Carolina


My children were in child care from toddlerhood to Kindergarten.

My wife and I worked 40 years to put food on the table while they were in public school and college.

Many families recapitulate our experience today.

Keep child care for our grandchildren ...


Families count on their c...

Families count on their child care to make a living! We should focus on improving the QUALITY of child care, since we know that it's these providers who are "raising our children" so that we can go to work! PLEASE don't make cuts to the child care we ...

An Important Lesson

My granddaughter in Michigan attends a preschool program. She is a bit shy about getting involved with new groups. Her teacher discussed it with her and explained how sometimes she might feel a little frightened at the beginning of such an experience, ...

Thank god for EI and C.P.S.E

My son was able to go to school early at 2 because of EI and C.P.S.E services. I don't know what I would have done without these services. It not just about childcare it's about getting him where he should be by kindergarden.I thank for these services ...
—AnonymousNew York

My Daycare Story

When my children were young, I remember coming home in tears after having spent hours searching for quality affordable daycare. Those two words don't really go together well, "quality" and "affordable" even with the current funding and systems in place, ...

The child whohad the right start.

I am single parent who's daughter is grown now. But when she was little I used the early learning programs. I believe they really helped my child grow and develop. So if the programs are no longer available to others then how can our new generation have ...

advantages of early learning

Early learning is a great way to socialize young children before they go onto grade school. My son was able to take the skills that he learned from his preschool teachers to kindergarten, these skills allowed him to socially interact with other children ...

My position on childcare

To whom it may concern, I am a single mom who wants the best for my two children. My son dahjir is 4. He looks forward to going to school everyday. I try to teach and guide my children down the best roads possible. My son is 4 and he looks forward to ...
—TiffanyNew Jersey

Contributors or Welfare Reciipients? Your choice.

Please don't skimp on day care. Head Start, etc. It's what enables people (mostly women) to work to support their families. If you cut this funding or reduce the number of children allowed in these programs, instead of paying taxes, contributing to ...

This country needs childr...

This country needs children. Don't harm children for some few short budget gains.

PLEASE, please don't hurt those who are trying!

My daughter and son-in-law just recently were denied childcare assistance because they "made too much money". They both work full-time and pay their own healthcare insurance, and have never qualified for LINK or TANF; they are doing it all on their own ...

Childcare for the upwardly mobile

Providing childcare helps others to help themselves pull themselves up so they can one day fly and manifest their desire to become contributing members of our society. We need to give parents and caregivers equal opportunity to participate in the American ...

Cuts cost more money in the long run!

I am an ECEAP/Head Start teacher. A cut like this would be devastating to my classroom families. I have already witnessed many heart breaking stories due to the cuts in Working Connections. I have a little girl whose mother has recently had to drop ...
—Brenda Washington

First Day of Pre_K

On the first day of Pre-Kindergarten, my four year started to cry as soon as he walked through the doors of Sheltering Arms ( Model Teaching Center) however the staff there were the first to take his hand and make sure that he would be ok. They reassured ...
—Cicely Georgia

Even though my mom had to...

Even though my mom had to work 2-jobs to make ends meet, we had the BEST childhood. I desire is to see other children have what I had growing up: A quality education with adequate childcare.

Please do not cut off resources that will impact generations ...

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