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Co-Op Preschools

I was part of a Shorenorth Co-op Preschool & Parent Education Center for the past six years. This school is affiliated with and supported by Shoreline Community college. Being part of this co-op was an excellent experience! The parent education I got ...
—Suzanne New York

We're lucky We Could Afford an Au Pair

When we first moved here we could not find good childcare that didn't have long waiting lists. We ended up at a center that I had reservations about and had to pull my child out of there within a month.

Quality child care is difficult to find

Quality child care is difficult to find. Affordable quality child care is non-existent. And it's almost impossible to run a household on one income these days. No matter which way we slice it, we are barely making it.

The Day Care My University Recommended

The day care my son was in last year was recommended by our university. This is the type of service we got: all the kids' noses were always runny, whenever I came in - my son had a cold all year; the first teacher we had was 18 years old!

Put Out of a Job

I am a mother of two toddlers and my story is about how difficult a time I had finding affordable care for my children. The cost of childcare for an infant and a two year old would have taken about 80% of my paychecks...

Ridiculous Amounts of Tuition for Pre-K

I've had to pay ridiculous amounts of tuition to find decent pre-K education. I look for small child to adult ratios and well-qualified teachers. I also like to see clean and attractive play spaces both indoors and outdoors...

My Day Care Nightmare

I learned quickly that many places did not like to give care to anyone under two because of the potty training factor. Also, because the state is tougher on the number of children allowed per care giver, meaning less money and more work for the providers.

I Took As Much Time Off to Stay Home as I Could

I go to work to make ends meet in our home, while worrying that my children are receiving the best care they can from someone who is also receiving a wage far lower than average with no benefits.

On the Waiting List

In child care centers there is high turnover, which is particularly challenging for young children who need stability - yet there are few stable options for those that prefer 2 teachers instead of 1 nanny.

My Story

From the time that my oldest started in daycare at 6 weeks of age until the time that my son finished at age 5, we were in 9 different childcare settings. Every time I thought they were both settled, there was a modification that changed the quality of the situation.

I Have Pretty Good Daycare.

I shopped around quite a bit while I was pregnant with my first child and right after he was born. I checked online mommy groups for advice and drove around my neighborhood. The places I found were not very nice and the biggest red flag was that the ...

Life on the Highway

Neither of us were especially productive since we had such rigid work schedules to follow, and we spent more time in traffic than anything else...While the cost of daycare hurts, it's even harder to swallow when it doesn't make your life easier.

Unequal Access to Good Childcare

It is just not fair that children from families with good financial resources are able to attend high quality childcare/preschools, while low income children can only attend very substandard programs.

Employer provided, sort of

My employer provides on site daycare. They subsidize it, so our teachers have good salaries, good benefits, healthcare, etc. It is an excellent center and the teachers have great longevity. The convenience was key to me being able to breast feed both ...

The Costs of Education, Childcare and College

In hopes for a little bit of light at the end of this somewhat dark education tunnel, I have sent this letter to all levels of Government from the Obama team down to state and local levels.

What about the forgotten lower middle class?


Planning ahead

If we wanted our daughter to have child care in the first three months of her life we would have had to get her on the waiting list 3 months before conception. We were lucky in that we could afford a nanny until Quality daycare was available to us.

Childcare too expensive

My husband and I have to work opposite shifts because childcare is unaffordable. He works from 6am-2:30pm, and I have to meet my husband at his job to drop off our son so that I can be to work by 3:00pm.

The American Nightmare

It's not okay that hard working people are working their knuckles to the bone and hardly getting by and hardly being able to spend the amount of time needed to raise a well rounded well taken care of child.

Will work for childcare

My husband and I found ourselves with a surprise pregnancy when our two children were 10 and 12.

Plan Ahead, Prepare to Spend, and Promote Great Programs

We have learned through experiences of other parents that planning ahead is essential when finding childcare. And thank goodness we asked ahead - when pregnant with our first child, we had to put him on a waiting list for childcare... one year in advance!
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