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#RADIO this week! — Football, Democracy & Happiness

January 24, 2013
We start out hearing from U.S. Representative Sandy Levin about the fight in Congress around unemployment insurance--and hear what's really going on in those marbled halls. Next up we find out about the FAMILY Act and what it could mean for your family. Then we talk patriotism, democracy and...
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#RADIO: The Post-Election Lowdown

November 10, 2012
What an election! There was a clear choice made on Election night and people, including women and moms, made a strong statement. Our nation voted to continue increasing access to affordable health care. Our nation voted to keep moving forward on fair pay for women. Our nation voted to not redefine...
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A Teachable Moment About the U.S. Election - Thanks to Foreign News

November 5, 2012
Driving this morning with my nine year-old, as we half-listened to the BBC news on the radio, yielded a nice teachable moment. They advertised their round-the-clock election coverage of the U.S. Presidential race. It sounded momentous and a little urgent. I took their tone for granted, but I’m glad...
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#RADIO: Rock the Vote! What’s at Stake and Who’s Voting!

November 3, 2012
I’m exc ited about this show! We have inspiring guests and we’re going to cover the latest on voter suppression and how you can report when you see people trying to stop other people from voting. We’re going to cover what’s at stake for lots of people in this election -- from healthcare to...
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#RADIO: Bayonets, Big Birds & Binders

October 27, 2012
Well folks, according to Internet memes, we figured out what the important issues are in this presidential election; and I have to tell you, it’s brought to you by the letter “B.” Binders, Big Bird, and Bayonets. That’s it. End of story. Make your voting decisions based on that. Just kidding! All...
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#RADIO – Women, Binders, Dinner, oh my!

October 27, 2012
What a week in politics! The “binders full of women” moment exploded in a wide-ranging, national conversation. It appeared everywhere from Facebook images going viral, to people writing hilarious reviews of binders on . You’ve got to check them out. Of course it’s about more than just...
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#RADIO: Media Coverage of Women’s Issues, Presidential Candidates & The Infamous 47 Percent Comment

October 25, 2012
Our national economy, the common objectification of women’s bodies by the mainstream media, presidential candidates, and the now infamous 47 percent comment: These topics may seem like they don’t fit together, but they do. On this program we tackle these issues which are at the center of our...
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#RADIO – The First Presidential Debate Revealed

October 22, 2012
Did you hear the first presidential debate? I listened and it was a shocker. Somehow in a 90-minute conversation about our national economy, we managed to avoid talking about women and families. The utter failure to touch on key policies that significantly impact our national economy and that...
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#RADIO – Want Women’s Votes!? Candidates Must Speak to our Issues!

October 20, 2012
As the November 6 election draws near, candidates across the country are talking about the issues that they think will get them the very most votes -- but are they missing out? Are they ignoring important topics? *LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE:
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How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy: 5 Tips From Food Experts

October 19, 2012
Last month, five incredible food experts came together on MomsRising radio to talk about junk food, school lunches, better food, and more. They shared an incredible wealth of information---trust me, this list could have been the top 100 tips from food experts on eating healthy. To hear the rest of...
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