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Make a Quick Call To Speak Out For Affordable Healthcare!

November 22, 2016
QUICK ACTION NEEDED: Speaker Ryan is conducting a phone poll on the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare or ACA)! Families across the U.S. who do not have access to employer sponsored coverage have benefited greatly from the Affordable Car Act. Here's what to do: 1) Call (202) 225-0600 (Some...
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5 ways to find rest this holiday season

November 15, 2016
Does the thought of hanging lights and attending holiday work parties make you want to grab your sleeping bag and run for the nearest cave? This year–and especially this month–have been intense for all of us. Additionally, most of us have felt over-scheduled, overworked and unable to unplug. We...
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8 women’s wisdom: pearls from Kripalu

November 1, 2016
I’ve been leading women’s retreats for 25 years and every single time I’m humbled and amazed by how much I learn and am reminded of by the beautiful women who show up in our circle. (Read why I lead retreats. ) This past weekend I was at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health —one of my favorite...
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Feeling uneasy? 6 ways to find your way home

November 2, 2016
I’ve been traveling and speaking a lot over the past six weeks about stress management. As I move through airports, workshops, community centers, companies and gathering places I’ve noticed a buzzy, low-grade anxiety and palpable stress in the air. No doubt you’ve been feeling it, too. Before you...
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Child Watch® Column: Building Strong Children Today For a Strong Nation Tomorrow

May 20, 2016
Pediatricians aren’t usually day-to-day policy makers but policy decisions affect the work they do every day as frontline caregivers for our nation’s children.
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Child Watch® Column: End Child Summer Hunger Now!

April 15, 2016
Hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation and poor children like Linda who rely on free and reduced price breakfast and lunch during the school year to keep the wolves of hunger at bay face a long summer of food deprivation. “It was hard without school during the summer, but being able to qualify for something like food stamps or having a food pantry near us, that helped a lot,” Linda says, but at the end of the month, “it was kind of like a hit-or-miss kind of situation.”
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Child Watch® Column: Insure All Children!

September 2, 2016
The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) and AASA, The School Superintendents Association, have just released Happy, Healthy, and Ready to Learn: Insure All Children! a toolkit to help schools and districts connect children to health care coverage as part of routine school enrollment.
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#MilitaryMonday: Dealing with Anxiety and Crisis During Deployment

October 31, 2016
I thought I could handle the stress, anxiety and depression I was battling all by myself after we got news of another deployment. I was wrong and after crisis I learned to reach out for help. Here's my story.
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Are you abandoning yourself?

October 25, 2016
Have you ever experienced a time when you were wronged or mistreated and didn’t stand up for yourself? In my late twenties I worked at a large international biotech company as a communications specialist. My counterparts in our Paris office were impressed with my work and invited me to come work...
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The High Cost of Being Poor in Your State

October 18, 2016
Partners in 13 states have been working with the Coalition on Human Needs to release reports on high cost of being poor and policies to reduce poverty. See what's happening in your state.
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