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Health Care

Stay Vigilant: Health Reform Battles Lie Ahead

April 2, 2010
With the entire nation buzzing over President Obama's historic health care victory, many Americans are trying to understand how this new law will affect their everyday lives. For some of our nation's most vulnerable children with special health care needs, President Obama has announced that,...
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Michelle Obama: "It doesn't have to be this way"

April 2, 2010
"Many folks don't have access to any kind of family leave policies whatsoever, no flexible working arrangements, many people don't even have a paid sick day. So they are struggling…scrambling to make things work…As we all know, here today, it just doesn't have to be that way. It doesn't have to be...

Food Dyes and Children's Behavior

March 25, 2010
By Michael F. Jacobson, Executive Director Center for Science in the Public Interest A lot of parents notice that the foods our kids eat affect their behavior. Some of those effects are subtle, some less so. Most dads and moms know that sugar and caffeine can have a dramatic impact on behavior, but...
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What Does Obama’s Health Reform Mean for You?

March 24, 2010
New America Media, Q&A with Ellen Wu, Aaron Glantz, Posted: Mar 24, 2010 // Editor’s Note: The health reform legislation signed yesterday by President Obama is a “really big win for communities of color,” according to Ellen Wu, MPH, executive director of the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network...
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Working Moms on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

March 24, 2010
My friend Jane has a problem. She works full-time for a government agency in California and has two little girls in preschool. Jane is really good at her job. Jane is losing her mind.
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Health, Nutrition, and Obesity: Actions for Healthy Living

March 23, 2010
On February 24, I attended California Governor Schwarzenegger's Summit on Health, Nutrition, and Obesity: Actions for a Healthy Living, with special guest President Bill Clinton. At the Summit the Governor described his platform for fighting obesity and promoting a healthier California: Restricting...
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UPDATED: Waffles shouldn't be on the menu today: Loretta Sanchez needs to stand up for families on healthcare now

March 21, 2010
UPDATE: Last night health reform passed the House. Representative Loretta Sanchez voted YES. Interested in what passage of this bill means for you and your family? Here's a terrific, interactive article from the New York Times today, titled, " How The Healthcare Overhaul Could Affect You" . One big...
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For Esmin, What's At Stake with Health Care Reform

March 19, 2010
Every once in awhile, history sneaks up on us. In movements past, the sting of injustice couldn’t be more clear. Bold acts of violence interspersed within wide-ranging systems of injustice, made the steady march towards civil rights an obvious moral imperative in need of correction. Yet, somehow,...
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Need Your Help- Please Call Congress!

March 18, 2010
The imminent vote on health reform is going to be incredibly close. We've got to pump up the volume to help make sure it passes. That's right: It's time to make sure our voices are heard once again by Congress that healthcare reform is critically important to our nation's families in order to...
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CA: 1 in 4 Of Us Are Now Uninsured!

March 16, 2010
After reading bad news about the recession and the crisis of health coverage for months, it’s pretty difficult to shock me. But today’s report about the dramatic spike in the number of uninsured in California over the last two years is truly shocking. A report released this morning by UCLA’s Center...
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