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Are There Hidden E. coli Bacteria in Your Valentine's Day Dinner?

February 11, 2010
Imagine the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner…you and your sweetheart surrounded by hearts, flowers, music and romance at the fanciest restaurant in the city. You’re eating a decadent beef dinner, complete with dessert and wine. It’s the perfect night with the one you love—until you realize you might...

Football on the Brain

February 6, 2010
The first step to any recovery is admitting there is a problem. Now what are we going to do about it? In just one year, the National Football League (NFL) went from a complete denial of any link between concussions and long-lasting effects on the brain to a solid “maybe.” It literally took an act...
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Plenty of talk, not enough action

February 4, 2010
There has been a lot of food safety news and food safety talk recently, but very little meaningful action has taken place to protect consumers. Awareness of food safety is important and we appreciate it, but if no action takes place then its value is lost. Recently, we wrote about the anniversary...

Finally -- More Direction at the USDA

January 28, 2010
S.T.O.P.—Safe Tables Our Priority extends our congratulations to Dr. Elisabeth Hagen on her nomination for the position of Undersecretary for Food Safety. Dr. Hagen has hands on experience working for the United State’s Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) in...

This Month’s Flavor for Toxic Jewelry: It's Cadmi-yummy!

January 27, 2010
So it turns out that cadmium (atomic number forty-eight, for those of you scoring at home) is more than a long-forgotten square on the periodic table. It’s also a toxic heavy metal found in our children’s jewelry. Earlier this month, the Associated Press (AP) revealed that it recently found high...

Capitulating on Health Reform Makes No Sense

January 26, 2010
One of the toughest things about being a mom is that you can’t always make things right in your kids’ lives, nor in the world. The first time I learned this lesson was when my water broke well before my twin boys were supposed to be born. We couldn’t stop them from coming, and they arrived six...

Paid leave is a human right

January 25, 2010
Paid parental leave is a human right, one guaranteed by virtually every country. But not the United States! When you gave birth or adopted your kids, did you take leave without pay? How did this affect breastfeeding, your health, your baby’s health, or your family’s finances? How did this affect...
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Could BPA and Breast Milk be the Mercury-Fish Catch22 for the Next Generation?

January 20, 2010
Last week the New York Times reported that the Food and Drug Administration is now willing to look into the health hazards of Bisphenol-A (BPA). Given that BPA is present in the lining of infant formula cans, the article tells us the FDA recommends that nursing mothers continue breastfeeding for...
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One year later and still waiting for a solution...

January 15, 2010
This week is the one year anniversary of the PCA outbreak when Salmonella - contaminated peanut products caused a major, multi-state foodborne-illness outbreak -- an outbreak that occurred as a result of outdated and ineffective regulation and oversight by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

Next Step on the Road to Reform: Negotiating Differences Between the House & Senate Bills

January 14, 2010
by Lisa Codispoti , Senior Counsel, National Women's Law Center We are closer to adopting health reform than ever before in history. Now that the Senate passed their health reform legislation, the next step on the road to reform is for Senate and House leaders to work out differences between their...
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