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Childcare & Early Education

What do President Barack Obama, Senator Olympia Snowe and Oprah Winfrey have in common?

May 30, 2012
Like 1 of 11 people in the United States, they spent some part of their childhood being raised by their grandparents or other relatives. This practice, called kinship care, has grown over the last decade. Last week, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released a KIDS COUNT policy report, Stepping up for...
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Respecting Moms on Mother's Day

May 13, 2012
By Tiseme Gabriella Zegeye, ACLU Women's Rights Project The current presidential campaign has brought attention to the " war on women " and the "war on moms," with both Republicans and Democrats speaking out on the need to recognize and value the work mothers do in raising their children. Attention...
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Breakfast in Bed is Nice, but a Seat at the Table is Invaluable.

May 11, 2012
Meet Annie Spiegelman, a Bay Area mom who blogs as " The Dirt Diva " on matters of love, gardening, and cultivating a healthy planet. Just in time for Mother's Day, Annie shares her interview with Rachel's Network Co-Director Laurie Syms on the evidence that women in Congress, regardless of party,...
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Toddler Thursday: Kid Crafts and Recipes for Mother's Day!

May 10, 2012
Welcome to Toddler Thursdays! Every Thursday, visit the MomsRising blog for crafts and recipes for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as news and tips on childcare and early education. Photo credit: Photo by Flickr user mali mish This week, we're celebrating Mother's Day with easy homemade gift...
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Moms Help Create a Bully Free World

May 10, 2012
When we put our children on the bus or drop them off at school all we really want is for them to learn, to be safe and to return home ready to turn around and do it again – for thirteen years! We also hope they really like it. I don’t think many of us even stop to think about the actual 420 minutes...
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Celebrating Mother's Day, Networked Moms & Powerful Writing

May 10, 2012
This Mother's Day we're celebrating the fact that moms are now networked and engaged in ways unimaginable just a decade ago. More than 36 million women are now active in the blogosphere, either publishing or reading blogs. And, by the end of this year, more than 90 percent of moms with kids under...
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VIDEO: We made something just for you :)

May 10, 2012
Do your kids argue? Or did they when they were younger? Here's a hilarious Mother's Day fantasy just for you! Happy nearly Mother's Day!!! - Kristin, Joan, Monifa, Elisa, Ashley, Nanette, Sarah, Julie, Sarah, Anita, Ruth, Claire, Donna, Mary, and Gloria
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Women’s Issues in the Presidential Election: A View from Across the Pond

May 4, 2012
Having lived in France for the past several years, I am often asked which differences with the US strike me the most. Aside from being able to buy delicious baguettes every few blocks, what surprised me the most were the differences in social services available. As a student, I receive full health...
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Comcast's OnDemand Responsibility

May 3, 2012
Making Miss Representation has changed my life in more ways than one. Not only has the documentary transformed the way I consume media but it’s also influenced my parenting decisions when it comes to household media consumption. If I want to challenge the way the media represents women and girls –...
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Autism and Chemicals, Cancer Report Under Fire, and Kudos!

May 2, 2012
by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff Executive Director & C.E.O Healthy Child Healthy World Potential Autism Causes Identified What causes autism? Dr. Phil Landrigan, professor and chair of preventive medicine at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York and Honorary Board member of...