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Childcare & Early Education

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Good News: VoteRunLead, Children's Defense Fund, and more!

June 21, 2019
Check out the best from the blog in the past week: a single mom speaks out; Marian Wright Edelman lifts up another hero for children's rights; and we share a great action opportunity for you!
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Discipline, Assistance and Bullies in a Preschool Classroom

June 20, 2019
Cross-armed and teary-eyed parents sat across from me, listening to me speak about the issues in their children’s classroom. They took a deep unified breath after I stated clearly, “There’s no such thing as a bully in a preschool classroom.” One parent stood to walk out before their partner asked...
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The importance of teaching Racial Equity in our classroom

June 19, 2019
My name is Reshonna and I was born and raised right here in Seattle, WA. I grew up in a household with a single mother who was a teacher. As a young girl I knew from watching my mom that teaching was something that I wanted to do when I got older. I started working at 12 years old with infants, and...
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I was one week away from not having childcare

June 13, 2019
When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I thought I had plenty of time to find childcare. I was lucky enough to be able to take 12 weeks off from work so I wouldn't need childcare right away after the baby was born. I was completely wrong. No one told me that I needed to start looking...
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Much More than Summer School

June 7, 2019
Close your eyes and think about the words summer school. What comes to mind? If you picture a room full of children clapping, cheering, laughing and falling in love with reading you could be imagining the experience thousands of children across the country are about to have as they participate in...
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#GoodNews This Week: Maternal Health & More

June 7, 2019
VICTORY: Thank you, Gov. Murphy, for standing up for maternal health in NJ! In the past few weeks, New Jersey took a MAJOR step forward in addressing the state’s maternal health crisis when Governor Phil Murphy signed five maternal health bills into law. The passing and signing of these bills is...
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Using My Mom Voice

June 1, 2019
Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a “talker”. My teachers across all grade levels reminded me to either use my indoor voice, or not use my voice at all. My parent conferences always sounded something like this: “Your daughter is excelling in all academic areas, but one thing she needs to...
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A Summer to Remember

May 31, 2019
As the school year ends and families look ahead to summer plans, I hope many will be able to consider travel that is not just a vacation, but an education and inspiration. Several years ago I had the opportunity to take my granddaughters with me to Selma, Alabama, where they got to meet Mrs. Amelia...
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Why You Should Start Your Summer Screen Time Rules Today

May 23, 2019
For some kids, summer means getting on the computer and not getting off 'til September. And even though a lot of parents relax their screen limits over the break, allowing a full-on hibernation is just not gonna happen . And it shouldn't. Kids need to get outside, of course. But they also need to...
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Make your child care center a “safe space” from immigration enforcement

May 22, 2019
If federal immigration agents came to your family’s child care program to arrest or interview a parent or staff member, would program staff know what to do? Would they know that immigration agents are generally restricted from entering their centers? An unwelcome, unexpected visit from immigration...
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