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Childcare & Early Education

MomsRising and Consumer Protection in Washington State

January 8, 2024
Did you know that there’s a loophole in Washington state law that allows big corporations, like Starbucks, to claim unspent customer dollars left on gift cards as revenue? It added up to $255 million in the last year alone that they can use to pad their profits, which can inflate executive bonuses...
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2023 Wrapped: Our Top Ten Wins show the power of MOMS!

December 20, 2023
Our Top Ten Wins of 2023 are wrapped, mapped, and ready to show the power of MOMS! You can read the full list of our 2023 top ten wins together with you below. Spotify Graphic 1 New 1.jpg All told, against weighty odds, we were able to win big legislative battles, move mom voters, shift the...
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Our Stories are Our Power: Let lawmakers know what we want!

December 19, 2023
School has been back in session for a few months and the end of the year is near. What are the things you’ve noticed as a caregiver that our lawmakers could address in Washington State’s upcoming legislative session? Let’s let our lawmakers know what matters to us! WHAT'S HAPPENING IN OLYMPIA? The...
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The Third RISERS Cohort is Full of MOM POWER!

December 18, 2023
Earlier this year we launched the third RISERS cohort. We welcomed 20 moms from 12 states all eager and ready to make change that will help families across the nation. This year’s RISERS cohort will be bigger and better: we will have opportunities to do more on the ground work in our communities,...
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Danielle: This Powerful Mama Raises Her Voice for Maternal Health and More

December 14, 2023
Danielle Wilson is a mom of three from Queens, NY. She has been a storyteller and content creator for over a decade, sharing her life as a mom and influencer in New York City on her personal blog, Dellah's Jubilation. She recently joined the MomsRising family as a RISER. We chatted with Danielle...
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Riser Update: Top Actions & Highlights this Week

Top Actions of the Past Week: Friday, December 8, 2023

December 8, 2023
The time to RISE is NOW! Can you help? We are so appreciative of the hundreds of supporters who’ve already made an EOY gift this year. If you haven’t given yet, it’s not too late! Through the support of a generous donor, all gifts (up to $30k) made through the rest of the year will be matched...
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Will we see you on Dec. 9 at our annual Washington State town hall? RSVP Now!

November 27, 2023
Can we count on you to join us for a FREE, fun, and powerful town hall on Saturday, December 9th from 11am to 12:30pm? It’s time to come together for the upcoming Washington State legislative session and that means making sure our stories are heard! We'll hear from MomsRising leaders as we launch...
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The Genius of Care - CareFest Celebrates the Power and Case for Care

November 22, 2023
In 2022, Build Back Better - a transformative care infrastructure package for child care, paid family and medical leave, elder and disability care, along with job growth and fair pay for care workers- very nearly became law when it was brought forward by the White House, passed the U.S. House, and...
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asamblea publica diciembre 9

Nuestras historias, nuestro poder: una asamblea pública legislativa en el estado de Washington el 9 de diciembre

November 15, 2023
¿Puedes participar en una divertida y poderosa asamblea pública GRATUITA el sábado 9 de diciembre de 11am a 12:30pm? ¡Es hora de unirnos antes de la próxima sesión legislativa del estado de Washington y eso significa asegurar que nuestras historias sean escuchadas! ¡Escucharemos a líderes de...
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Neoyorquinos: Te invitamos a la Hora Poderosa del Cuidado Infantil

November 6, 2023
Mamás, papás, tutores, maestras de educación temprana en Nueva York: ¡Queremos conversar con ustedes! Acompaña a MomsRising/MamásConPoder y la Campaña de Cuidado Infantil Empire State (Empire State Campaign for Child Care) para una conversación sobre el acceso al cuidado infantil en el estado de...
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