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Paid Sick Days

R U 4 Paid Sick Days?

October 1, 2012
This week, workers all across the country will be tweeting that question to candidates for office at all levels, asking them to support this basic workplace standard or explain why they will not. At a time when more than 40 million hardworking Americans can't earn any paid sick time to use when...
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A Sad Day and a Hopeful Lesson in Orange County

September 19, 2012
Late yesterday, it became disappointingly clear that voters in Orange County will not see a proposal for earned sick time on their ballots in November. Despite the will of at least 46,000 Orange County voters and a broad coalition of workers, businesses and advocates who played by the rules, Mayor...
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This is NOT what democracy looks like!

September 14, 2012
I am so mad right now I can barely sit down to type this. At this moment I’m home from work with a sick baby. She spiked a fever in the middle of the night, woke up crying and hot with a fever over 101 degrees. She can’t go to childcare today. I’m home with her, writing this while she naps (...
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A Story of Deliberate Disregard for Democracy in Orange County

September 14, 2012
What is going on in Orange County, Florida? For anyone paying attention to the effort to establish an earned sick day standard in the Sunshine State, this is a legitimate question. The events of the past few days have been confusing at best – and, quite simply, they defy reason and threaten to...
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Warehouse Workers Marching for Their Families

September 13, 2012
It’s no secret that Walmart is the largest employer in the country, diligently working to create a softer image of itself to consumers, environmentalists and others. What most consumers don’t know is that Walmart contracted warehouses across the country make it a common practice to put profits over...
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IWPR Recommends Thorough Assessment of DC’s Paid Sick Leave Law

September 5, 2012
In honor of Labor Day and the 44 million workers around the country who lack paid sick leave, IWPR released a briefing paper that recommends the Auditor of the District of Columbia conduct a thorough and complete review that shows the impact of the city’s paid sick leave policy. In March 2008, the...
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The GOPs Mixed Message to Mom

September 4, 2012
Mitt Romney (Photo credit: NewsHour) The Republican National Convention concluded last week after Mitt Romney accepted his party’s nomination and not before Republicans made a desperate attempt to court women voters. The convention featured an impressive lineup of female speakers including former...
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New Yorkers Deserve Paid Sick Time

August 30, 2012
For more than a million New Yorkers — mostly Black, Latino and immigrant workers — getting sick can mean losing a paycheck or, in some cases, a job . The City Council has proposed a law that would allow New Yorkers at least five paid sick days a year , but Speaker Christine Quinn is keeping the...
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For Parents Without Paid Sick Days, Back-to-School Season Brings Stress and Uncertainty

August 29, 2012
Back to school means a lot of things. In some families, it means shopping for school supplies, helping kids become reacquainted with their alarm clocks, and learning new school bus schedules. But for the millions of employed parents in jobs that don’t let them earn paid sick days, it means another...
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New BLS Data Confirm Unequal Access to Paid Leave Among U.S. Workers

August 17, 2012
Yesterday the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released data from the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) on access to and use of paid leave by American workers. This is the first time the ATUS has included questions on leave-taking among American workers, with a module paid for by the Department of...
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