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Gun Safety

Take Action!

BIG, BIG NEWS! White House gives us stronger background checks!

January 5, 2016
President Obama just took Executive Action to shrink the loophole in background checks for gun sales today! And you helped this happen! You (yes, YOU!) signed letters to Congress, clicked on petitions, shared your experiences, visited elected leaders, shared links on social media, made calls and...
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Moms vs. The NRA: The Force Awakens!

December 27, 2015
An American child dies by a gun every other day. Every. Other. Day. The only thing that will break the stranglehold that the corporate gun lobby has on our lawmakers is US – you, me, and every mom and dad out there who cares AND who takes action.
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Celebrate Wins!

Wow, You Did All THAT in 2015? MomsRising WINS!

December 17, 2015
Sometimes it’s hard to see the many ways that small actions like signing a petition, sharing your personal experience, making a call, attending a local meeting, or playing a MomsVote debate game on social media add up over time and make a big difference. They do. Because we are MomsRising together...
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#Radio This Week: #Enough

December 8, 2015
For your podcast list: Breaking Through with me, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner! It's fun, feisty, and relevant for moms and families. Our weekly podcast is ‪#‎free‬ for all on iTunes : ON THIS WEEK'S SHOW: The San Bernardino shooting and...
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To Be a White Ally

December 8, 2015
I'm remembering how Sandra Bland, an African American woman in her late twenties, was pulled over by Trooper Brian Encinia, a white police officer, for not signaling a lane change. Some facts are clear: Sandra was less than a mile from the Prairie View A&M University, her alma mater where she...
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Take Action

San Bernardino

December 3, 2015
Heart. Broken. In the 336 days of 2015, there have already been 355 mass shootings in our nation . This has to end. Our thoughts are with the San Bernardino mass shooting victims and their families, the many people and caregivers who work at the Inland Regional Center, a facility that serves people...
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“Our Hearts Are Breaking and We Are More Determined Than Ever to See Common Sense Gun Laws.”

December 3, 2015
Yesterday’s shooting in San Bernadino brought the number of mass shootings in the United States to 355 in just one year. This has to end. MomsRising is an organization of more than a million moms, dads and others, and we are dedicated to the health and safety of our nation’s families. Today, our...
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A Special Match for #GivingTuesday

December 1, 2015
You gave thanks. You ate delicious food. You got deals. Now, it’s time to give back! Today is Giving Tuesday, a national day of celebrating and supporting the causes that matter most to us – like making the world a better, safer, more just place for women, moms and families. To mark this day,...
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¿Portar armas a la vista donde las familias van de vacaciones?

November 18, 2015
El estado soleado pronto puede ser menos apto para las familias. Los legisladores del estado están considerando otorgar a los dueños de armas que tienen permisos para portar armas ocultas el derecho a portar sus armas de fuego a la vista en lugares públicos incluso permitiéndoles llevar sus armas...
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OPENING WEEKEND: Armor of Light, Abigail Disney's New Film, Shakes Up National Gun Safety Conversation

October 30, 2015
This Friday , The Armor of Light is going to open in 20 cities across the nation . This documentary is asking us to have a thoughtful conversation about guns and reducing gun violence with all kinds of Americans. The Armor of Light follows evangelical minister Reverend Rob Schenck, anti-abortion...
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