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Gun Safety

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Why is the Department of Justice giving grants to the gun industry?

September 22, 2015
The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the official trade association of the firearms industry, is located in Newtown, CT, just a couple of miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary School. In the months following the mass shooting that left 26 victims dead, including 20 second graders, the...
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FL Campus Carry - STILL a Bad Idea

September 15, 2015
Like creepy crawly critters that sneak into your house when you’re not looking, the NRA is bringing the proposed “campus carry” bill back to Florida. Remember how, this spring, we organized and succeeded in blocking the gun lobby’s attempt to pass state bills that would have made it legal for...
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Two Virginians died today

August 26, 2015
This morning in Virginia, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, two young journalists with Roanoke news station WDBJ-TV, were shot to death during a live broadcast. In the wake of this tragedy, Governor Terry McAuliffe has renewed his call for tougher gun laws in the Commonwealth . Tell Governor McAuliffe...
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MomsRising Reacts to the Racially-Motivated Shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston

June 19, 2015
On the evening of Wednesday, June 17th, nine men and women - mothers, fathers and grandparents - were shot and killed inside the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, an iconic African American house of worship known for centuries of human and civil rights activism. As executive...
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Gun violence awareness is our daily reality

June 2, 2015
June 2, today, is the first National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and MomsRising is joining the gun safety community by #WearingOrange to help spread the word. Why orange? Because it’s the color of safety — it’s the color that hunters wear so other hunters don’t accidentally shoot them and that...
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Celebrating The Moms of Action This Mother's Day

May 11, 2015
Reposted from Role Reboot where it originally appeared. When mothers get angry about the state of their neighborhoods, cities, nations or earth, they have always been on the front lines for change. Let’s celebrate them this Mother’s Day. I have a conflicted relationship with Mother’s Day. I have...

Instead of A Card

May 7, 2015
Mothers In Charge is turning pain into power by launching a new effort to focus resources on the root causes of violence and promote healing.
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A Dangerous Trend: North Carolina Considers Weaker Gun Laws

May 4, 2015
Growing evidence is proving what seems self-evident: Regulation of firearms saves lives . Stated another way, it’s becoming increasingly clear that looser gun regulations are associated with gun-related injuries and death. Unfortunately, some states--like my beloved state of North Carolina—are...

Gun safety shenanigans in the NC State House

May 1, 2015
Why? Because North Carolina politicos think moms aren't paying attention Gun safety shenanigans in the NC State House North Carolinians agree that not everyone should be able to have a gun—not violent criminals, not domestic abusers, not the dangerously mentally ill. That’s why 90% of us want...
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I Say No To Guns On Florida Campuses, Do You?

March 24, 2015
When I heard about legislation moving forward that would put concealed weapons on campus I thought of my days at Rollins College. I was 17 years old and happy to be as close to adulthood as I’d ever gotten. I lived off campus which meant I had the wheels and was called upon to drive my schoolmates...
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