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Like creepy crawly critters that sneak into your house when you’re not looking, the NRA is bringing the proposed “campus carry” bill back to Florida.

Remember how, this spring, we organized and succeeded in blocking the gun lobby’s attempt to pass state bills that would have made it legal for concealed weapons to be carried freely in Florida’s public colleges and universities? [1] Well, it’s back. Florida’s next legislative session doesn’t start until January 2016, but the legislature is starting to work on possible bills right now.

The NRA is using this quiet time to move campus carry forward through key committee hearings. They think they can count on the attention of moms and family members drifting away after the last fight, but they thought wrong!

Speak up now and tell Florida lawmakers to vote NO on SB 68 and HB 4001!

When you add your name to our open letter, we’ll deliver your signatures directly to the legislators who sit on the House and Senate Criminal Justice Committees.

They have the power to kill this bill right away.  

The Florida legislature was right to kill this bill once and they need to do it again - ASAP.  Campus carry is still a horrible, dangerous idea. With so many college students already at risk for binge drinking, substance abuse and suicide, they don't need the lethality of firearms introduced into the mix. In fact, a Harvard study showed that college students who own guns are actually more likely to drink to excess, and engage in aggressive and dangerous behavior after drinking, with almost two thirds of students with guns in the study reporting binge drinking.[2]

Don't let Florida lawmakers use this quiet time to move forward on forcing Florida universities and colleges to allow guns on campus. Tell Florida lawmakers to vote NO on SB 68 and HB 4001 now! 

Florida's college students, university administrators, faculty, and campus law enforcement are almost universally opposed to guns on campus, according to most polls.[3] Administrators and campus security need to be able to determine how best to keep their schools safe, including who gets to be armed on school property, but the campus gun bills would take away that ability.  

Taking away the rights of colleges to determine who can carry guns on their campuses is a bad, bad idea. Tell Florida’s lawmakers to vote no on SB 68 and HB 4001.

Let’s make it clear to FL legislators - and the NRA - that parents in Florida are ALWAYS paying attention and strongly oppose campus carry legislation!  

Won't you join me? Together we are a powerful force for safer families and communities in Florida!

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