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Families & The Federal Budget

Oregonians: Let's End General Electric's $3 Billion Tax Refund

April 2, 2014
General Electric got $3 billion in U.S. income tax refunds between 2008 and 2012. You read that right: They paid LESS THAN ZERO in taxes. You probably paid more than they did! We have a chance right now to close two of the biggest tax loopholes that let them do it -- but we have to act really fast...
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Tell Congress: Extend benefits for the long-term unemployed

March 26, 2014
Finally!! After three long months of raising our voices, making calls, sending emails, and sharing our experiences with leaders, the U.S. Senate has reached a bipartisan deal to extend federal unemployment insurance benefits. This deal—if passed— will restore jobless aid to the more than 2 million...
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TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress: Fund Our Littlest Learners

March 11, 2014
I remember sitting with my mom at the kitchen table learning how to balance a budget for a family. Those memories seem so distant! Now as an adult, I wonder how I'll ever make ends meet, now that child care costs more than college tuition in most states. [1] MomsRising has been lifting the voices...
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My Buddha Daughter and Her Emotional Mother

February 17, 2014
Recently, I have spent a lot of time writing and reading so that I can prepare for our new series of parent talks. As I was doing this I started thinking about my own journey in motherhood and how it has affected me. The one aspect of parenting that I have struggled with is the subject of the...
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Voices of the Unemployed: Part 10--Melissa's Story

February 6, 2014
The Senate is scheduled to vote , once again, on an extension of unemployment benefits tomorrow. With each passing week that goes by where Congress takes no action it becomes increasingly critical that an extension get passed. Below you will find one mother's story about her experience with...
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Voices of the Unemployed: Part 9

February 4, 2014
1.6 million people have now been cut off of unemployment insurance. Misty DeMars , an unemployed mom of two who lost her benefits recently, was a guest of the President's during last weeks State of the Union. And while the president called for an immediate extension of benefits, Congress is still...
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Voices of the Unemployed: Part 8

January 16, 2014
After multiple attempts by Senate leadership to reach an agreement on an unemployment benefits extension, they have reached a standstill ....again. MomsRising is urging the Senate to stay in session and pass this important bill, rather then go home for recess like originally planned. Each week that...
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Stop Congress in their tracks!

January 15, 2014
It has now been 19 days since unemployment benefits expired for millions of Americans and Congress is gearing up to leave town without extending these vital benefits again. We need to stop them in their tracks from leaving town! *Write your members of Congress and tell them to not leave town until...
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Voices of the Unemployed: Part 7

January 13, 2014
Each week unemployment benefits fail to be extended, state economies lose $400 million. And as we already know, the personal toll is far greater....just read Carla and Kym's stories below and you'll see why. Carla's (from Cary, NC) story: I lost my repair services dispatch job in February 2012. I...
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Voices of the Unemployed: Part 6

January 10, 2014
The Senate was thisclose to having a deal on a one year extension of unemployment benefits last night... and then it all fell apart. This is unfortunate news for moms like Carolyn and Katie who are searching for jobs and struggling to make ends meet with out unemployment benefits. Here are their...
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