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Popcorn, BINGO, and politics all from the comfort of your living room! 

Want in?

This Tuesday night (tomorrow night!) at 9pm ET / 6pm PT President Barack Obama will be giving the 2015 State of the Union. In order to make watching fun, we've created a BINGO card to help you track whether or not the issues of greatest concern to women, moms, and families are covered in the speech.  

**Gather your troops (your troops can be just your cat, or your child, or your neighbor without a TV) and have a virtual party with us on Tuesday night.
*Click here to tell us "I'm in!" for a virtual BINGO party and we'll email you our nifty State of the Union BINGO card!

(Just click the link and we'll email a special link to the BINGO card directly to your inbox. You can be a BINGO party of one, one hundred, or a million. We'll also be playing BINGO in real time on Twitter with @MomsRising and @MamásConPoder. We’ll be talking about the speech in real time on our MomsRising Facebook page too. Join us!).

Why BINGO? Well, people love it. MomsRising BINGO is now an annual tradition because people have fun while tracking the issues. In fact, the BINGO card is a great, fun way to hang out with your kids and family during the speech—and also to track if the issues that are important to women, moms, dads, kids, and families make it onto center stage during the State of the Union. We'll be tracking issues like fair pay, access to healthcare, sick days, child care, police reform, paid family (maternity/paternity) leave, and other family economic security policies. And we'll also be tracking standing ovations, laughs, and even scowls! It'll be fun!

Here's how it works: Every time the President talks about one of the issues on the card, you can mark it down on the BINGO card--and maybe even raise a juice box or a sippy cup in a cheer! 

It’s also more than a game! It's not just about fun (although we're all for fun!), playing BINGO is also about standing up and being counted! We'll be letting leaders and the media know that moms, dads, kids, and even cats and dogs are watching and listening carefully to what they say about the issues we prioritize. *So when you click the link to get your BINGO card, we'll add you to our tally of people who are watching for family economic issues to be covered.  This way we can let leaders and the media know that people across the nation want to keep economic security policies in the spotlight for longer than the duration of the State of the Union speech! 

** Here’s a little inside scoop tip: We’re feeling pretty good about the odds that President Obama will talk about child care, paid sick days, and paid family leave since in the past week he has made history with his announcements about new initiatives on child care, paid sick days, and family (maternity/paternity) leave while calling for access to these policies for ALL workers. And who was literally sitting at the table with the President when he did? A MomsRising member! 

The fun won’t stop after the State of the Union! After the speech is over, we'll also have a place online where you can discuss your BINGO results with people across the country on the MomsRising blog (just go to the MomsRising homepage and scroll down to the blog after the State of the Union to find the blogpost where you can leave comments and discuss). And, of course, we'll also be reaching out to you throughout the year with ways for you to make your voice heard by leaders at the very top on critically important family economic security policies.

So, get your State of the Union BINGO party on! You can even use it as a fun "teachable" moment with your kids about the importance of civic participation.  

For our part, we can't wait to play the game--to sit down and tally up the marks on our BINGO cards--and to keep letting leaders and the media know that moms are paying attention, and that our voices and our votes matter. Play in real time with us on Twitter and Facebook. See details below. 

*Here's that link again to say "I'm in" for watching the State of the Union and, most importantly, for getting your super fun State of the Union BINGO card:

Enjoy the BINGO and have a great week!

P.S. You can play BINGO with us in real time during the State of the Union on Twitter (@MomsRising and @MamásConPoder) and on Facebook ( by following us and the hashtag #SOTU.

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