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Childcare & Early Education

POLL: If I lost my childcare, I would...

March 4, 2008
... lose two part time jobs. Panic, take a few deep breaths. And write my Congressperson!
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Childcare costs- are you affected?

January 25, 2008
MP Dunleavy on MSN writes about women and money. I was toodling around that website and found this short article on childcare costs and how to offset them.
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A Ticket to Canada

January 18, 2008
I was late to the party when it came to seeing Michael Moore's movie Sicko. But as far as I'm concerned, it's a movie that every American should see before they vote in this presidential election.
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Illinois in the lead on "Pre-school for All"

August 2, 2006
Illinois became the first state in the country to authorize universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year olds last week (Georgia and Oklahoma offer preschool for all 4-year olds).

Are We Entitled?

July 12, 2006
Introducing . . . Hi, I’m Miriam Peskowitz, and starting now, I’ll be blogging here at I’m the author of a book called The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars: Who Decides What Makes a Good Mother. I also write a blog of my own, Playground My dreams about motherhood, parenting, and families share quite a lot with those of Kristin and Joan and the whole team behind MomsRising and the Motherhood Manifesto. Like them, I see the big picture. I’m confident that political and cultural change could make family life and work easier.

WV needs sweet child care solutions!

The mommas are tired and they want a lot more than heart shaped cards and rom com movies this Valentine’s Day. They want real solutions for their families, like affordable, high quality child care. Tell West Virginia elected leaders that it’s time to show us the LOVE by supporting sweet child care solutions – like funding based on enrollment and increasing eligibility so child care workers can access child care, too!
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