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Why are other countries recognizing the need for a paid stay-at home option, yet we are not? When will we dictate policy to protect our future generations? Our country's leaders seem to be primarily concerned with the here and now, instead of maintaining a balance that satisfies the present and the future. When will we, parents, amass and demand better options for balancing work and parenthood? How long will we wallow in a discontent disillusionment that our leaders won't listen or aren't concerned? Aren't we the ones who determine who our leaders will be? Aren't "we the people" destined to manifest the nation we strongly desire?

Below is a list of countries that have incorporated paid parental leave.  (click on the country for article link)  Each country has individualized the details on how-to achieve this goal. However a similar mindset is loudly broadcast within all articles;  by compensating parents, the financial strain is relieved, thus allowing a strong parent/child relationship to form which in-turn prepares a mentally and emotionally healthy future work-force.  When will we realize that the health of our country depends on us making a self-effacing decision which protects our future? I pray that the answer is soon!


United Kingdom

United Kingdom Again





Keep posted for future blogs regarding the "how to" of making this goal become law.

"The price of greatness is responsibility" ~ Winston Churhill

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