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Paid Sick Days

Contagion: Not Just a Movie

September 15, 2011
What’s most frightening about the movie Contagion is that it’s NOT science fiction. Flu epidemics are real, and they can spread quickly – especially in the United States, where 44 million people without paid sick days are forced to choose between their financial security and their health when they...
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Hooray! (Now Let's Do It Again)

September 14, 2011
Even though things are gridlocked in D.C. right now, we're still having victories across the country! For example, the Seattle City Council overwhelmingly passed paid sick days just this week– and MomsRising members are widely credited with helping to bring this about with their emails, calls,...
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Why I support Paid Sick Leave (and cosponsored the bill)

September 12, 2011
When I was a restaurant critic, I always noticed that our great restaurants and chefs treated their wait staff as if they were family – and most of them do today. But I have been out to dinner when I have been served by wonderful women who just could not take the night off even though they were...

Shop Healthy. Eat Healthy. Stay Healthy: Support Businesses Whose Workers Earn Paid Sick Days

August 25, 2011
This Women’s Equality Day, we plan to start spreading this message in Philadelphia through a new campaign to honor businesses that ensure all of their workers have an opportunity to earn paid sick days. What does women’s equality have to do with paid sick days? Well, many women end up in low-paying...
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Women Holding the Line

August 25, 2011
What is a woman’s life worth in today’s economy? The price of a pap smear? Savings from cuts to HIV/AIDS programs? Unfortunately, policymakers across the country seem to be bartering in just this way with women’s lives. Over the past year government has cut essential social services at all levels,...

A Back to School Call to Action

August 24, 2011
Fall can be a challenging time for any working parent. Summer is over. Kids are headed back to school – and flu season is around the corner. When a child starts coughing and sneezing or spikes a fever, many parents are filled with dread. But for parents whose jobs do not offer paid sick days, these...
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Aaron's story: Luck shouldn't determine whether you can take responsibility for your family

July 19, 2011
I'm the proud father of a 6-week old baby girl. As you can imagine, I've had my share of sleepless nights recently - but it's helped me realize how lucky I am. Annie, Aaron and baby Ruby Growing up, my dad worked full-time as an elementary school teacher, and my mom did part-time accounting work,...

Connecticut Makes History - Progress for Working Mothers

July 7, 2011
Photo is of Michelle Noehren with her new baby Lillian and Connecticut Senator Edith Prague, one of the biggest champions of paid sick leave legislation. Blog originally posted at Connecticut has made history by passing the first law requiring companies to provide paid sick leave...
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Philadelphia Mayor Vetoes Paid Sick Leave Bill

June 29, 2011
Some bad news out of Philadelphia Tuesday — Mayor Michael Nutter vetoed legislation that would have allowed every worker in the city to earn paid sick days. As Lonnie Golden, a professor of economics and labor studies at Penn State Abington, and I wrote in an op-ed earlier this month, a paid sick...

The public-health case for mandatory paid-sick-leave laws

June 29, 2011
Paid sick leave legislation such as the Seattle City Council is considering makes sense, because when people work sick they infect others. Seattle's politicians should listen to the public and enact a mandate. I work at a place where we don't have paid sick days. We sell food and medicines. We...