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Paid Sick Days

Paid Sick Days and Health: Cost Savings from Reduced Emergency Department Visits

November 17, 2011
This week, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) released Paid Sick Days and Health: Cost Savings from Reduced Emergency Department Visits , in which my coauthors and I review findings about the connection between health and access to paid sick days, using publicly-available data from...
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Approaching Flu season: You may want to know the Facts!

November 16, 2011
The spread of common diseases such as the flu, cause tens of thousands of deaths every year according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. That’s the reason why the Centers for Disease Control recommend that individuals with the flu stay home- this avoids contaminating co-workers,...

Rx for Massachusetts: Earned paid sick days for all workers!

November 15, 2011
Got the flu? Let’s hope not. But if you do, here’s hoping your employer provides paid sick days. You need them for yourself. You also need them so you can protect your co-workers and the public from catching the flu from you. During the recent swine flu outbreak 8 million sick workers showed up on...

Business to business: Don’t be afraid of Paid Sick Days! It’s good for our workers and it’s good for us.

November 14, 2011
You can do it Massachusetts! A healthy workforce is within your reach. Here in Seattle, 40% of the workforce, over 190,000 people didn’t have access to a single day of sick leave until we passed the Seattle Paid Sick Days Ordinance this year. That meant many people had to choose between going to...

Meet us at the corner of Beacon and Park Streets!

November 14, 2011
Can you meet us at the State House on Beacon and Park Streets on Wednesday at 11AM? Your voice is needed! This Wednesday, we'll be coming together in-person to let the state legislature know that Massachusetts should join Connecticut, Seattle, and Philadelphia in making sure more families have...
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Massachusetts- transgender people need paid sick days too

November 11, 2011
As a transgender person, I realize how important it is to have paid sick days. If you don’t know, a transgender person is just like anyone else, but refers to people who transition from one gender to another and/or their gender expression varies from conventional expectations of how they should...

Massachusetts Needs Paid Sick Days

November 11, 2011
Every day, workers across the Commonwealth have to make a tradeoff between their paycheck and caring for themselves or their family. Some are fortunate to be able to stay home with pay when they or their loved ones are ill. Paid sick leave, however, is far from universal. In Massachusetts, more...

UPDATEDx2! MA Blog-a-thon: Paid sick days are good for families and businesses!

November 11, 2011
Updated 11/14/2011, 11/15/2011, 11/17/2011: We're constantly updating this blog-a-thon with new posts. Scroll down to see our latest posts, including the perspective of a small business owner. And please leave a comment; we'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks! *** Let’s face it. Children share...
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Too Small to Fail

November 9, 2011
Parents are accompanying their children to public protests taking place around the nation. Children are welcome there. Oh were it so in every area of public life. Children are welcomed as important members of the community with child safe zones, play areas, and in one case, even a stroller brigade...

Restaurant Lobby Kills Sick Days Bill in Denver

November 3, 2011
This is as gross to me as the thought of an expired hamburger that has fallen on the floor and been sneezed on prior to sale. The restaurant lobby spent $837,000 to defeat a sick days bill in Denver, according to the trade publication Nation's Restaurant News . The bill, Initiative 300, would have...
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