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Parents are accompanying their children to public protests taking place around the nation. Children are welcome there. Oh were it so in every area of public life.

Children are welcomed as important members of the community with child safe zones, play areas, and in one case, even a stroller brigade.

What is so difficult about having work that pays a living wage, health care that is affordable and providing our children with quality early education.

The numbers are dismal in our State of California. We have received among the lowest grades in the country for meeting the basic needs of our children. According to the Children Now Report Card, California earned a D+ in health coverage, a C- in early learning and development, a D in K-12 education and a C+ in infant health.

We have some powerful advocates in State Government with a commitment to quality, affordable, accessible early education, and keep the issue top-of-mind in legislation and in budget battles. The voices of parents and teachers and advocates have been heard and heeded. Still, the future we want for our children, our communities and ourselves is still out of reach.

Parents have a chance to step out into a very public and nationally televised platform. Unlike hearings and working groups that take place during traditional working hours, parents can participate after work hours and on the weekend.

Children rely upon each of us to speak out on their behalf. At the rally in SF I saw a mother with her child holding a sign, “Too Small to Fail.” Let’s speak up.

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