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Family Economic Security

Ask the President to Keep His Promise to Home Care Workers

December 13, 2012
A year ago this week, President Obama announced an initiative that would have a profound impact on mothers and daughters across the country. At a press conference, surrounded by a dozen women who assist—or are assisted by—home care aides, President Obama announced that he was going to end the...
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Going Over the Fiscal Cliff: Women and Kids First

December 10, 2012
Congress is likely to remain in session until Christmas Eve -- wrangling over the looming sequester and expiration of the Bush tax cuts. The country doesn't have enough money, or doesn't spend it right, or the rich have too much of it, or the middle class doesn't have enough, or the poor get too...
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We Can Avoid the "Fiscal Cliff" Without Turning Our Backs on Our Most Vulnerable

December 4, 2012
Like most voters, Latinos cited jobs and the economy as their greatest concern in the days leading up to the election . The pressing importance of these issues led to an historic turnout of Hispanic voters in the 2012 election and overwhelming support for President Obama’s reelection. In the post-...
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Eldercare, Childcare, and Everything In Between:'s Thank You to Caregivers

November 27, 2012
Late night calls are the worst. Mine came all the way from Shanghai, China, where my parents live part of the year. My dad's voice was faint, halting. He told me quickly that my mom had fallen and broken her leg and he was with her in the hospital right now. She would need surgery. Could I leave...
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Member Voices: A Thanksgiving Wish

November 20, 2012
Finally, the election is over. After such a contentious and lengthy battle over the direction our country will take for the next four years, we can all calm down, shake hands, and get on with life (is anyone else LOVING Nashville ?). Let's all heave a sigh of relief, right? Oh. Wait, what? We're...
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Directly Into the President's Hand

November 17, 2012
MomsRising members in DC Awed. Inspired. Fired up. On Thursday, we invited people to tell us how the "fiscal cliff" could impact them if their personal budgets had to be stretched tighter due to the very wealthy continuing to get the Bush tax breaks. Responses poured in. And, on Friday, we...
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Congress needs to hear about your personal fiscal cliffs!

November 15, 2012
"Is it an action scene in a James Bond movie?" No. "Is it something the road runner careens off of in a cartoon?" Nope. You can't watch the news these days without hearing about a looming "fiscal cliff" that Congress must address by the end of the year. One of the biggest items on the table: In a...
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Marissa Mayer, Bus Drivers, and Riding a Horse Together

July 26, 2012
"Can I email you later? I'm in labor." In "Maternity Leave? More Like a Pause," a recent article in the New York Times , new mom and consulting firm partner Carmen, recalled sending the quote above as an email while she was in the delivery room, remarking "That...was a fun email to send." I admire...
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“Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent!” – Gwen Guthrie

July 24, 2012
In Gwen Guthrie’s 1986 hit “Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent” she asserts that having a J-O-B is an important criteria for starting a family –okay maybe I’m reaching – LOL! But her premise is that being employed brings a certain level of financial security. Today, nothing could be further from...
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Hundreds of Women Bring Heat Storm to NY City Hall for #PaidSickDays

July 20, 2012
The security guards at New York City Hall were overwhelmed, not only by the 107 degree heat index, but also by the constant bustle of hundreds of women equally hot about the conditions of working women. “Only five at a time!” they yelled to the crowded line desperate to get out of the sun and...
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