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First off, I had a fabulously fun time this Monday appearing with Kristin on KALW radio in San Francisco. She's totally inspiring, spot-on with numbers and statistics, and well, just a pleasure to be on air with. In our blog format here, I feel like I should be waving down (hi Kristin!) to her on her entry, just below. I've been lightly following the debates over Feminine Mistake. Can't help but think that while the NY-based intelligentsia is debating what mothers should be doing, MomsRising was out in force in Washington State, putting on the pressure to pass paid family leave.
The Today Show segment I appeared on this past Saturday flew by in an instant, but I was proud that I did get to mention Preparing for the segment gave me a chance revisit everything I've been reading and thinking over the past few years. I wrote a blog post today to pull it all together. I want to give credit to all the brilliant women who have been writing about motherhood. We are all busy working it out for ourselves as we go along and now we are gathering into a movement here at MomsRising. I do think there is a significant generational shift, which is what I write about in my blog post Cracking the Privilege Code. It was interesting to come away feeling that the path we are carving out is more radical than I had realized.
Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday! This Mother's Day marks the first birthday of MomsRising. Celebrate by watching the Motherhood Manifesto on PBS this weekend (Find out when it's airing in your area at: ). As we celebrate our first birthday, we're also celebrating passing the 90,000 members mark--and that we are growing by 500 to 1,000 members per week lately. This growth is mostly happening through friends telling friends. So, THANK YOU for telling your friends about MomsRising and making us the strong organization we are today!
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Our friends at Legal Momentum - a legal advocacy group working on women's issues - have just released a new book that celebrates women's achievements. It's called Women: A Celebration of Strength and believe it or not it’s a pop-up book (but it's not just for kids!).
Today's the first time we've included MomsRising on a MotherTalk Blog Tour , and it's fitting that the book is Arianna Huffington's Becoming Fearless , her excursion into what stops us women in our tracks, and what life looks like when we meet fear where it is, toss it to the wind, and figure out what the hell we want in life and how to get it.
We did it! Washington just became the second state in the nation to pass Paid Family Leave this past Tuesday when the Governor signed the bill into law. And this is all because of YOU, the members of MomsRising, and our policy partner organizations! But, we're not stopping with Washington--we're working to roll paid family leave across the country, and American families are counting on us. (Read about how we won with quotes from members and legislators, and sign a thank you letter, in the text below.)
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When I invite guests on "The Mojo Mom Podcast," I try to choose authors and newsmakers who would be interesting to supporters. As far as I know, my show is the only podcast to focus on the intersection of motherhood, power, work and leadership. The next three episodes shows feature new interviews you won't want to miss, starting with this week's guest, Leslie Bennetts, author of "The Feminine Mistake." [continued...]
MomsRising just had a significant victory at the state level Sunday--a victory which has national significance, and which also demonstrates that the members of MomsRising can make a critical difference in the direction of public policy to support mothers and families. The victory? Washingoton Paid Family leave passed the legislature and is headed to the Governor’s desk. If the bill is signed as expected, it will make Washington the 2nd state in the nation to pass Paid Family Leave. It’s not a perfect bill, and we would have loved more--but we’re absolutely thrilled that this bill passed and are committed to making improvements in the long run. In Washington, MomsRising has had a wonderful policy partnership with the Economic Opportunity Institute, who also pushed this legislation--and our members really stepped up to the plate for this bill.
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Thursday morning I saw a picture of Cho Seun-Hui looking like an action hero splashed across the front page of The New York Times and we've all seen the TV coverage. This week we have had a media feeding frenzy and frankly it endangers our kids. We've certainly been aware of the copycat effect fueled by intense media coverage of school killings since Columbine. But sadly, with the media, if it bleeds it leads….even when this almost certainly contributes to future tragedies:
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I'm enjoying True Mom Confessions , the newest fun going around the mom blogosphere, and I thought I'd bring it here to MomsRising, home of moms who may need a break. True Mom Confessions is the brainchild of Romi Lassally of the Huffington Post . The idea burst out of a long day with kids, the dream being a place we moms can confess that which we can't change, the situation that wrangle our psyches, tease us, or frustrate the hell out of us.