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A group of teenagers of various ethnicities and genders smiles at the camera
Part three in a series about LGBTQIA+ youth. Read parts one and two . I'm an adolescent mental health provider, and I’d like to share an exercise with you. If you’re cisgender and heterosexual, take a moment and see if you can imagine the idea of being gay in your mind. If you’re cisgender and gay, see if you can imagine the idea of being straight in your mind. Could you do it? You likely use your own experience of attraction to make a connection to this identity that is outside of your own...
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Alexis Bleich, LCSW, MA
Bill of Rights with an orange filter that reads: Guns make us less equal and less free
June is Gun Violence Awareness month, when it is time to wear orange to help build public awareness of gun violence in our nation. But at a time when shootings regularly dominate the headlines, when one in five Americans have direct experience of gun violence, and when guns have become the leading cause of child death, is any effort to build additional public awareness even necessary?
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Gloria Pan
Five Amazing LGBTQ+ Books for Teens!
Publishers, over the last decade, have increasingly invested in LGBTQ books for teens. There are so many stories out there now, and so many good ones. Choosing only five was almost impossible, until I decided to go with a few older books that have really stuck with me. So, here are five young LGBTQ books that live rent-free in my head and in my heart.
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Desirée Peterson
A young masculine Black person talking to a nicely-dressed Black woman with short hair
Part two in a series about LGBTQIA+ youth. How do I know if and when medical intervention is appropriate? Luckily, I have guidelines from trusted organizations. They have deep knowledge about the development, mental health, and medical well-being of adolescents. In my assessments, I’ll reference the specific criteria outlined for a diagnosis...
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Alexis Bleich, LCSW, MA
A graphic with a heart made of fruits and vegetables with the title "Summer EBT 101: Instagram Live"
What is the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program (also known as SUN Bucks) and who qualifies for it? I had the pleasure of speaking with Kelsey Boone, the Senior Child Nutrition Policy Analyst at FRAC , on all things Summer EBT and how you can access this nutrition assistance program for your family! Let’s recap our conversation over Instagram Live on this critical nutrition program: Let’s start with an overview of what the summer EBT program is. How can this program get assistance...
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Hanna Addis
Wear Your Values! Show Your Pride! We’re excited to launch our first ever merch collection celebrating Pride. Throughout the month of June, we’re offering a number of our designs in Pride colors, along with some merch exclusive to this collection. Celebrate Families! Celebrate Pride! Browse Now Are you currently undergoing IVF? Are you currently undergoing IVF treatment? Are you thinking about using fertility treatment to expand your family? Have you or someone you loved recently undergone...
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Sue Anne Reed
5 Picture Books to Help Parents Introduce LGBTQ Topics with Their Kids
"My Shadow is Pink" by Scott Stuart is about a little boy who likes things he "isn't supposed" to like, like dressing up and princesses. But his dad shows him that everyone has a shadow they sometimes want to hide, and that it's okay to like what we like.
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Desirée Peterson
A person with short dark hair and medium skin contemplates their reflection in a mirror
Sometimes I know before the first appointment. A parent may have been the one to reach out, to answer the question when I ask, “So, tell me what’s going on.” Maybe this is a family where the parents have already wondered about their child’s sexual orientation or gender identity (or both!). Perhaps the kid has already come out, to themselves, at school, at home, or nowhere. Sometimes it’s not on anyone’s radar - and anxiety, depression, trouble focusing, or other struggles are front and center.
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Alexis Bleich, LCSW, MA
Already, too many families report paying a third of their take home pay to child care and across the country, the annual price of infant child care often exceeds the annual cost of in‑state tuition at a public four‑year university. The good news is that because of the actions you have taken to lift our collective voices for child care, this issue is finally at the forefront of national consciousness where it belongs!
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S. Nadia Hussain
On the radio show this week we cover Maternal Mental Health Month and tips for you to use yourself, as well as with friends and family; then we catch up with an expert on how adults and parents can support transgender and gender expansive youth mental health; after that we hear how moms are rising and what you can do to help ensure every mom and family can thrive; and we close the show getting the latest about how parents voices just helped improve school meals for all kids.
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