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Honor Moms Every Day 2023 picnic group photo
We want to thank all our wonderful members -- and over members of Congress -- for joining our inspiring day to honor our moms and stand for policies that lift families!
Hanna's picture
Hanna Addis
Breaking news! We are an estimated 22 days away from the GOP-created debt ceiling crisis becoming a world-wide problem. [1] If Congress doesn’t take immediate action to raise the debt ceiling, like Trump did three times on his watch [2], we will– for the first time in history – default, leading to a domino effect of economic downturn, layoffs, increased poverty, and a recession. No one wants that! Earlier this week President Biden and Democrats in Congress held firm while the Republican...
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Elyssa Schmier
Have you recently left the grocery store wondering how anyone can afford food? Me too. The truth is not many people can. The rising cost of food is making it difficult for moms, grandparents, and families to put food on the table. And worse still, many families who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also called Food Stamps and EBT) saw their monthly benefits drop in February. Now, even more families are having to choose between eating and paying rent or other...
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Joy Ikekhua
It’s go time in the New Hampshire legislature! Thanks to all your advocacy, we’ve seen some huge wins so far this year – and we need your help again! Let’s keep that MOMentum going as the Senate Finance committee works on the state budget. → Send a quick email to the Senate Finance committee asking them to build and support a state budget that supports New Hampshire moms and our families. They need to include: The Child Care for New Hampshire Working Families Act: a comprehensive bill that will...
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MacKenzie Nicholson
This is a special Mother’s Day edition of #5Actions! We are looking forward to celebrating with all the moms and like-moms in our lives on Sunday and we hope you are too! But we all know that Mother’s Day is about more than brunches, flowers, and chocolates – it's a time we take to honor the moms and caregivers that lead our families, communities, and our nation every day. So while you’re celebrating this weekend, please join us online in taking #5Actions (plus a couple postscripts!) in honor...
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Taylor Austin
MomsRising members are on-the-ground right now at the NC General Assembly urging our state lawmakers to include funding for school meals for all in the budget this legislative session. Will you back us up? → Can you back us up by sending your lawmaker a note right now? Our message urging lawmakers to fund school meals for all in NC is much more powerful if your lawmakers are hearing from you by email at the same time that they’re seeing us walk the halls of the General Assembly! The urgency to...
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Jessica Burroughs
It is often the stories that we don’t share that are amongst the most important ones. I know that after I gave birth to my son 21 years ago no one knew that I was hardly eating and regularly crying both in private and in public. It was only years later that I felt comfortable sharing that with others. And yet it might have helped me, and other women, to open up about what I was going through . That way I may have been able to receive the proper support as well as help other new mothers to not...
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Gina Arias
Toddler in field clapping
April was blooming with MOMentum. HUZZAH!
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Kerri Karvetski
Parents Bill of Rights flyer
During March's #KeepMarching meeting, we dove deep into what the so-called “Parents Bill of Rights”is really about, the harm it will have on our kids and communities, and explored ideas for protecting our communities. We are very grateful to Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, MomsRising’s Executive Director / CEO & Co-Founder, Elizabeth Anderson, former Duval county school board member, and Nina Perez, MomsRising’s National Director for Early Learning, for bringing their knowledge to the meeting. I...
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Joy Ikekhua