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When moms rise, BIG things happen. Like igniting democracy! In fact, for the recent elections last week, MomsRising members like you generated a MASSIVE amount of get-out-the-vote energy — by sending thousands upon thousands of hand-written voter postcards to infrequent mom voters, by making personal videos to inspire other moms, by sharing info and encouragement via text message, by hosting parties at the voting polls, and so much, much more. What made all this possible? Your enthusiastic...
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Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
The headlines this week have been hard. There’s so much need for our voices, and for your voice. So we want to start into the weekend by sharing our gratitude with you for all you’re doing to make our nation a better place for everyone. This week's list of top actions includes urgent calls around an impeachment inquiry, voting, immigration, child care, and more. Please take a moment to make sure you've checked them all off, and share with friends and family too. Thank you and here's the list =...
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Karen Showalter
This year, we released our ninth annual report tracking children’s health insurance coverage and the findings were alarming: Between 2016 and 2018, the number of uninsured children in the U.S. increased by more than 400,000, bringing the total number of uninsured children to over 4 million in the nation. What’s so alarming about this trend is that loss of coverage came during a time of strong economic growth and low unemployment – children should have been gaining coverage instead of losing it...
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Say Ahhh!
Voices for Healthy Kids
From Voices For Healthy Kids , an intiative of the American Heart Association with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, working to make each day healthier for all children. Voices for Healthy Kids has funded Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina (ESMMSC) since 2014. Recently, the coalition, working with the South Carolina affiliate of the American Heart Association (AHA) and others, successfully pursued healthy vending policies in several cities around the state, including the passage...
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Stephanie Vaughn
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of a young child looking off to the side, a worried look on their face.]
We’ve all been hearing about the depths of cruelty of the Trump Administration’s family separation policies for a while, but the extent of that cruelty is still being discovered. Horrifyingly, just last week, the ACLU discovered 1,556 more immigrant families were separated than previously estimated. I read that and cried. Then I got pissed off. Now I’m taking action! Join me! Leaders in the U.S. Congress MUST stop increasing funding to ICE and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) for Trump’s cruel...
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Elyssa Koidin Schmier
Medicaid Helps Families Weather The Storm
More than half a million North Carolinians—many who are parents—can’t see a doctor when they need one because reliable health insurance is out of reach. Yet, the NC legislative session just ended without expanding Medicaid. What-is-the-Gap.jpg Across North Carolina, thousands of low-income families fall into the “coverage gap,” earning too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little to gain subsidies to purchase health coverage in the insurance marketplace. Many of these folks work in jobs that...
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Felicia Burnett
Dear {{ user.first_name|default:"Friend" }}, Happy Halloween Week! Know what's scarier than a bump in the night? Not speaking out about issues that matter to women and families! Please checkout our list of top 5 Actions from the past week below, which makes it easy to scroll and catch up. Please be sure to share this with family and friends too! Thank you. Here's the list => 1. Let's Increase Funding for Child Care and Head Start This Year! BACKGROUND: The struggle is real when it comes to...