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Why “Fit” Matters and Makes a Big, Meaningful Difference

August 31, 2010
In 1995, I graduated from business school and began working for Families and Work Institute developing and implementing work+life strategies. I often joke that I’m probably the first, and last, student to walk the halls of Columbia Business School publicly professing the desire to become a work+...

Custom-Fit Workplace Blog Carnival: Discussion on Best Practices that are a Win-Win for Employers and Employees

August 31, 2010
**Scroll down to the comments section to see the conversation from our 9/2/2010 evening blog chat. And of course, you can still join the conversation by asking questions and typing your comments in the comment box. Hit "Submit Comment" and join our Q&A!** Have you been there? Frustrated that it...
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Straight Talk about Motherhood and Work

August 23, 2010
Recently I was asked a terrific question by an Australian (and soon to be an American) woman at a training for women bloggers thinking about running for office. BlogHer and the White House Project had put together a great program. I talked about my experience in international work as an Ambassador...
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Admiring the High Performance Workplace

August 17, 2010
I just got back from a Dr. Pepper plant in Texas where managers told me about people laughing at work a lot more since they began the transition to becoming a High Performance Work Place (HPWP). As a person who has been writing a book about work practices that are good for both business and the...
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Profitable: A Flexible Workplace for ALL Workers

August 17, 2010
REGISTER NOW FOR SEPTEMBER 9th (12:30- 1:30 ET) CLASP AUDIO CALL: “ Profitable: A Flexible Workplace for ALL Workers.” Join a lively discussion with Joan Blades (co-founder of and , Jody Heymann (founding director of the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill...
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5 Things Employers Should Know about Breastfeeding

August 11, 2010
Under health care reform, all employers are required by law to accommodate the needs of breastfeeding employees. But ignorance about breastfeeding still prevails in the workplace. Here are the basics that every employer should know. Please send it to your boss, your HR director, and anyone who is in a position to support women breastfeeding when they return to work.
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Does the Labor Market Punish (M)Others?

August 10, 2010
The labor market punishes mothers and others who make lane changes during the course of their work lives.
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Even in a Recession, Flex Makes (Dollars and) Sense

August 6, 2010
Even in a recession, flex-time, job-sharing, compressed schedules, and telecommuting increase employee productivity and reduce costs. The net effect? A boost to the bottom line.
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Screw Work Life Balance: We Need Work Life Policy! Join the Movement at BlogHer

August 2, 2010
For over two years, The Four Hour Work Week has been a national bestseller. Why? Because most of us resent feeling tethered to our jobs, and we know we could still do great work even if we had the ability to control our schedules and factor family needs into our day. But workers are completely on...
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The White House Talks, Is Congress Listening?

July 28, 2010
This year the White House, in cooperation with the Council on Women and Girls, hosted a conference on Workplace Flexibility. The conference came on the heels of a report by the Council of Economic Advisors on the benefits to employers of offering paid leave and flextime, official guidance on...