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Maternal Justice

Take Action: Cuomo is using COVID-19 to roll back Cash Bail Reforms!

April 1, 2020
Too many families are forced to experience the inhumane realities of what it is to be incarcerated inside of a New York jail, especially one like Rikers Island, for no other reason than their inability to pay cash bail. The same was true for 16-year-old Kalief Browder who was tortured for over...
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#SocialDistancing is impossible for people who are incarcerated

April 1, 2020
Our voices are making a difference, but we must keep the pressure on. Dozens of incarcerated people have already tested positive for COVID-19 across the nation. [1] Let's be clear: Prisons are unable to implement the CDC guidelines needed to flatten the cure and save lives. [2] We must have a plan...
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We Need to Address Our Nation's Urgent Maternal Health Crisis

March 26, 2020
When a crisis like coronavirus (COVID-19) erupts, it puts a further strain on ongoing public health and social issues. As the Guttmacher Institute points out “the specific risk to pregnant women and their infants is not yet clear, but these groups are often particularly vulnerable to infectious...
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Maternal Justice Legislative & Policy Updates - Feb/March 2020

March 14, 2020
An overview of Maternal Justice related federal and state policy updates for February and March 2020
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Mom bears witness: Your February MOMentum

February 29, 2020
WOW - with all the actions taken, events accomplished, and donations given, we felt the love in February! Particularly powerful: MomsRising member Angelica testified before Congress about the child care crisis we face in this country, sharing her personal story as a single mom. Check it out, and...
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Noticias Legislativas y Políticas Recientes sobre Justicia Materna

February 7, 2020
Un resumen de las noticias más recientes de las políticas relacionadas con Justicia Materna a nivel federal y estatal Reunión del Subcomité de Salud Materna e Infantil El martes, 28 de enero de 2020, se llevó a cabo la audiencia “Esperando Más: Haciendo Frente a la Crisis de Salud Materna e...
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The Birth of Life After 2 Losses: My Birthing Story

February 5, 2020
My story is not the traditional story of boy meets girl, girl falls in love, they get married and live happily ever after. Six months prior to me getting pregnant, I decided to end my relationship with my on-again, off-again high school sweetheart. We were living together for about two years at this point and I just wasn’t happy. We discussed having a family together and not once did it ever happen. After we broke up and he moved out, I decided to do something for myself.
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Cupcakes and More: Your January MOMentum!

February 4, 2020
Happy 2020! It’s January and our work to strengthen this movement of women, moms, and families already has MOMentum! I’ll start with great news: Thanks to donors like you, we exceeded our fundraising goal in our 2019 end-of-year giving campaign, activating our match! That means we brought in more...
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Maternal Justice Legislative & Policy Updates - January 2020

February 4, 2020
An overview of Maternal Justice-related federal and state policy updates.
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Finding Your Way After a Stillbirth

January 13, 2020
Stillbirth affects tens of thousands of American families every year. This post was originally written for National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month in October 2019. After Autumn was stillborn, I was full of self-loathing over the fact that I failed to bring her home alive. However, once I...
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