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Paid Family Leave


Paid Leave for Love and Family

February 12, 2019
In 2012, I helped organized the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community to build support for our LGBT members and marriage equality in Washington State. The messaging for that campaign was tailored for the (API) community, where love for family was emphasized over individual romantic love. This is...
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Positive Proactive MOMentum!

February 5, 2019
On the #RisersRadioShow this week we cover the shutdown, the re-opening, and the power of older women; we also cover the introduction of the Paycheck Fairness Act and FAMILY Act in Congress (Yay!); and we close the show covering how to help prevent Muslim youth from being bullied in our communities...
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: February 1, 2019

February 1, 2019
Happy Friday! We hope that everyone affected by the extreme winter temperatures is safe and warm. And we look forward to learning all of the new games you've had to invent to keep the kids entertained, after so many days of cancelled school! Below please find our latest list of top actions for the...
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Cyntoia, Census, IL Gun Laws: Your January MOMentum!

January 30, 2019
WOW! With the progress we’ve achieved so far in 2019, it’s safe to say that MomsRising supporters are already building MOMentum for a great year ahead! Thanks to your actions and donations, we’re advancing rights for all women, moms, and families. Read on for details on what we’ve accomplished...
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Guest Post

Small business owner Tiffany Turner supports WA's new paid leave program

January 22, 2019
Originally printed in the Chinook Observer on December 20, 2018 . My husband and I own four seaside hotels on the coast of Washington and Oregon as well as two restaurants and a distillery in the small town of Long Beach, where we grew up. As small business owners, we’ve always wanted to offer jobs...
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Defensores legislativos de WA: ¡Los permisos pagados benefician a los trabajadores y a las empresas por igual!

January 11, 2019
¡La familia es el núcleo de toda pequeña empresa! Por eso es emocionante que la cigüeña esté entregando en las calles del estado de Washington… ¡los Permisos Familiares y Médicos Pagados! A partir de enero del 2020, los Permisos Familiares y Médicos Pagados darán a los trabajadores la estabilidad...
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Guest Post

WA legislative champions: Paid leave will benefit workers and businesses alike!

January 9, 2019
Family is at the heart of every small business! That’s why it’s exciting that the stork is making a delivery to Main Streets across Washington State... Paid Family and Medical Leave! Beginning January 2020, Paid Family and Medical Leave will provide workers with the financial stability to care for...
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Los Permisos Familiares y Médicos Pagados

Es la época más mágica del año para las familias

January 8, 2019
Es temporada de cascabeles, luces navideñas y reuniones familiares. Es mi época del año favorita, pero este año es incluso más especial porque nuestro estado se prepara para implementar los permisos familiares y médicos pagados para todos. En el 2017, representé a MomsRising en la mesa de...
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Este año estamos celebrando los Permisos Familiares y Médicos Pagados

January 3, 2019
Te estamos escribiendo para darte una maravillosa noticia: El estado de Washington está en espera… ¡de los Permisos Familiares y Médicos Pagados! ¡Puedes calificar hasta 16 semanas de tiempo libre del trabajo a partir del 2020! Visita el NUEVO sitio web en español de MomsRising para aprender todo...
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Op-Ed from The Olympian

$2 a week is a bargain for the peace of mind paid leave will provide those who need it

January 3, 2019
This Op-Ed was originally published in The Olympian on JANUARY 03, 2019 As a mom with three special-needs kids who also has been a family caregiver, I know first hand how challenging it can be to take care of your loved ones when they need it most. And like many people my age, I am part of the...
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