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#ProtectOurCare Meet Mark in Maryland

March 31, 2017
Quality, affordable healthcare coverage is incredibly important to families in the U.S. MomsRising has recieved thousands of messages from our volunteers with stories about why the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), Medicaid, CHIP, and Medicare matter for the health of their families. This #...
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Take #5Actions This Week!

April 10, 2017
Victories! We’re delighted to share that you're not only play a major role holding the line on healthcare at the federal level right now, we’re also winning at the city and state levels across the nation because of people like YOU! In fact, because of people like you signing letters, making calls,...
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Nutrition Ups and Downs

April 10, 2017
Written by Kristi King, clinical dietitian at Texas Children’s Hospital. Your child’s nutrition journey can have many ups and downs. Every day myself and the other registered dietitians at Texas Children’s Hospital are questioned by patient families about how to best handle some of these hurdles...
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Human Needs Report: Advocates' defeat ACA repeal bill, FY17 & FY18 spending work, Supreme Court confirmation and more

April 3, 2017
The Coalition on Human Needs just released our latest edition of the Human Needs Report. Read on for articles on advocates' work to defeat the ACA repeal bill, FY17 & FY18 budget and appropriations work, a Supreme Court confirmation vote and more.
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"It's better to prevent than to lament:" On children's oral health

March 30, 2017
My values and perspectives on life have been heavily influenced by my mother—a woman of no formal academic education but whose wisdom surpasses that of many. She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and as a single mother she fought hard to give her 2 daughters the opportunities that she...
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The Making of a Champion

March 28, 2017
The phones in Congressional Offices are ringing off the hook these days. Some Americans are calling their Representative and Senators for the first time. Some of us are calling more frequently. People are crowding into public meetings. Letters, postcards and faxes are being sent. It is all enough...
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#5Actions - We persisted & we won!

March 27, 2017
We did it! Because you raised your voice, made calls, signed petitions, sent letters, shared your story, went to Town Halls, took action — along with hundreds of thousands of other people across the nation and across multiple organizations — you stopped a horrible healthcare bill in it’s tracks...
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#WePersist! Terrible U.S. House health care bill pulled from the floor!

March 27, 2017
We persisted—and it worked! We just won a major health care battle! Help keep this momentum going: GIVE NOW to help us keep the fight to protect health care going strong! The U.S. House just pulled the incredibly destructive...
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House Leaders’ Decision to Withdraw Health Care Bill a ‘Major Victory for Moms, Families, Our Country’

March 24, 2017
Today’s incredible win demonstrates the true power of the grassroots movement that has sprung up to resist the Trump administration and the GOP’s destructive agenda to gut health care. This is a resounding, major victory for moms, families, our economy and our country. It is proof that when we #...
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BREAKING: U.S. House will vote to take health care away from 24 million people.

March 24, 2017
It’s time to double down to help protect health care for 24 million people. The vote is scheduled to happen within hours. **Can you make a quick call to your U.S. Representative NOW and tell them: Vote “No!” for the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that would strip health care from millions? Use our...
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