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Health Care

Kids Don't Have to Wait - Connecting Kids to Coverage Event Makes Case for Enrolling Kids Now

September 20, 2010
I had a chance to go to a fantastic event on September 3rd sponsored by Secretary Sebelius on the Connecting Kids to Coverage Challenge , which aims to reach the nation's 4.7 million uninsured children who already are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP. She made a compelling pitch that nothing is more...

Increasing Poverty and Lack of Insurance Underscore Need to Keep Affordable Care Act Strong

September 20, 2010
By Jocelyn Guyer, Georgetown University Center for Children and Families ( ) A record number of people are now living in poverty, including one in five children, according to U.S. Census figures ( ) released last week. More than 50 million...

Key Provisions of the Affordable Care Act Addressing Infant Mortality

September 20, 2010
Sizing Up the Sentinel Measure of How Well America Promotes the Health of Women and Children – Key Provisions of the Affordable Care Act Addressing Infant Mortality By Brent Ewig, MHS Director of Public Policy & Government Affairs, Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs Infant...

Puerto Rico: Now, It's the Island's Turn to Work on Health Care

September 20, 2010
SAN JUAN -- Barack Obama's healthcare reform will benefit Puerto Rico with $6.6 billion more than the $4.8 expected for Medicaid between 2011 and 2019. After the healthcare bill passed on March 21, Puerto Rico began to look at the next decade which will be crucial for the Island to step up to the...

California is Blazing a Trail on Establishing Health Insurance Exchange Under ACA

September 20, 2010
And we’re off! Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is officially underway! Less than six months after Congress passed the ACA, California has blazed the trail as the first state in the nation to create a statewide Health Insurance Exchange under the Act. Two complementary pieces of...
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Anger, Threats and Fear - six months later

September 20, 2010
The health care bill passed six months ago. Many people are still angry. Some are making threats. Others fear this new law will take away their freedom instead of improving the quality of their lives. Anger, threats, fear…I understand those feelings and share them, but in a very different way. I am...
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Health Benefits Can Provide Real Benefits for My Friends Peter, Greta and baby Thomas

September 20, 2010
Honestly, health reform feels so last year. The effort to pass reform was epic, with so many near-death and nail-bitter moments, my political junky self was so ready to move on. A year ago, the town hall protests about health reform were all I could think about but today, I’m thinking more about...
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Young Invincibles- What Getting Covered Means for Young People

September 20, 2010
September 23 is the day that an important part of the new health care law- a provision that allows young adults to stay on their parent's insurance until age 2- becomes law. It's the day that many young Americans will gain the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing you can get covered...
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First we are grandparents

September 16, 2010
The following awesome letter to parents and grandparents was written by Nancy Myers, who works at the nonprofit organization, Science and Environmental Health Network , . We are among the many people now trying to figure out how to stop the toxic assault on our children. If you, dear...

Is “Safety” a Dirty Word for Procter and Gamble?

September 16, 2010
Moms know that the ads we see are often the front lines for whether a product gets bought or ignored. A large and increasing number of greener moms may read up on blogs, read reports and articles, and try to look up chemical names of material safety data sheets, but not everyone does this. Many...
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