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Health Care

Tenemos Que Seguir Luchando Por La Reforma de Seguro Médico

September 23, 2010
Por los 17 años que trabajé como trabajadora de elegibilidad por MediCal, un programa social para gente de bajos recursos, estuve en contacto con muchas personas sin seguro médico. Los insegurados incluían mujeres embarazadas, jovenes menos de 20 años de edad, y también personas, que aunque ganaban...
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For all the worrying moms and dads...

September 23, 2010
My kids can tell you, I'm an expert worrier. I worry about whether I'm pushing them too hard or maybe not pushing them hard enough; whether their fear of vegetables will cause permanent damage to them; and whether they are getting enough exercise or alternatively, whether their favorite exercise of...
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Your New Rights! A Blog Carnival Celebrating New Healthcare Rights For Families

September 23, 2010
While some politicians, pundits, and prognosticators have taken to the airwaves to claim that the Affordable Care Act is too complicated, cumbersome, and doomed to failure; people who are actually affected by the new law are excited about its implementation. How do we know that? They’re telling us...
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Families need more Health Care options

September 23, 2010
I've seen Health Care here in the US from different angles. I had a full time job for a long time that gave me "benefits", those benefits included great Health Care. When I first got in I had no idea what this meant, or that I really had it good. I only paid about $20 co-pays for doctor visits, I...

Putting the Law on Your Side: Six-Month Health Care Law Anniversary

September 23, 2010
by Stephanie Drahan and Thao Nguyen, National Women’s Law Center September 22, 2010: You get sick. You go to the doctor. You get diagnosed. Your insurance company drops your coverage when you need it the most. You now find yourself fighting your illness and the insurance company. September 23, 2010...
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Banner Day for Nation's Children

September 22, 2010
On September 23, 2010, a potentially life-saving, but surprisingly overlooked change will occur for the families of America's 74 million children. That is the day when U. S. children become eligible for the first phase of benefits as our nation implements the Patient Protection and Affordable Care...
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What Will It Take to Get Health Insurance?

September 22, 2010
When all those town hall meetings were held for healthcare reform, I was not only lobbying for reform as a home healthcare provider, but I didn’t even have health insurance. And I knew countless other home healthcare workers who also didn’t have health insurance. It was strange working in the...

Health Care Reform and Breastfeeding

September 22, 2010
For many women, returning to work is one of the reasons they give up breastfeeding or, even sadder, do not initiate it at all. With short maternity leave and having to go back to work to be able to put food on the table and pay the bills, the health of their babies is at risk! In March of this year...

How will the passage of Health Care Reform Act affect CA public health?

September 22, 2010
Comprehensive health care will have enormous benefits as people will be able to access care and take control of their health at an earlier stage, before a small problem becomes a serious one, with significant costs, both social and economic. Prevention and wellness - for individuals and in our...

Question of the Week: Access to Preventive Care Services

September 22, 2010
Q: Will preventive services such as routine vaccines and mammograms be covered under health reform? A: Yes, health reform will make it easier for people to get timely preventive services that they need in order to stay healthy. If you have a private insurance plan that was purchased (by you or your...