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Childcare & Early Education

The Gender Politics of Education Reform

January 20, 2011
Education reform: I fervently believe women who are in the schools every day--as parent volunteers, and as teachers--have a great deal to tell policymakers what works and what doesn't. What we need is a pointilist approach: steady application of dots of information about how schools are working--or not working--that add up to a big picture. We need it from parents, students, and educators themselves.
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The Power of Dr. King and Christina Green

January 14, 2011
There is a connection between Dr. King and Christina. But hate is not it. Their death by hate and violence is not their common denominator. They are connected by the love that surrounded their lives. Love is their power.
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Flexible Scheduling Makes Dollars and Sense

January 14, 2011
This article originally appeared on New Deal 2.0 . Sunday's New York Times reported that accounting firms lead corporate America in offering workplace flexibility. Employees can reduce their hours, take the summer off, take off a few years and then return to their prior jobs... whatever they need...
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Devastating Cuts Proposed for California Working Families

January 14, 2011
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – On Wednesday, I attended the annual California Working Families Policy Summit, which drew 750 people, including legislators, non-profit groups and policy wonks. On our minds: what to do about California’s $26 billion shortfall as well as proposed budget cuts that will hurt...
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An Invitation to California MomsRising Members

January 4, 2011
Across the country, the New Year means new beginnings. Here in the Golden State our former and just-sworn-in Governor Jerry Brown will bring creative and sometimes austere approaches to tackle an estimated deficit of over $25 billion . For those of us who care about health care and the social...

For Moms & Moms-to-be the Personal Is Political

December 30, 2010
Cross posted from the Young Women's Leadership Program Blog: Words of Wisdom from Worldly Young Women As I scrolled through my newsfeed on my Facebook page this week I came across a posting written by a friend who has two young children that read, “I make $4.26 a week after daycare. Oh, the joys of...
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Shame on US: Congress defeats bill to protect girls from dangerous child marriages

December 17, 2010
The US House of Representatives just defeated S. 987 (The International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act), despite passing unanimously in the Senate. By failing to pass the Child Marriage bill, our country turns a blind eye to practices enslaving children into marriage. Here's the...
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The Promise of Postsecondary Education for Parents

December 16, 2010
Education, and particularly higher education, provides many individuals with hope for a better future. The power of this simple truism was brought home to me while working on Striking a Balance , when I discovered that the union for hotel workers in San Francisco ( HERE Local 2 ) had developed a...
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Is your family one of the 12 million?

December 16, 2010
I see myself in this stat. Have you been there too? I'm one of millions of parents across this country who depend on child care. Without child care, I don't know how I'd be able to get to work and provide for my family. I am not alone: Nearly 12 million children under age five regularly spend time...
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The Real Meaning of A Christmas Carol

December 14, 2010
I've been thinking over at Raising Generation O lately about the Christmas Spirit. About giving , and teaching children about gratitude and charity, but also about fairness, justice, equity--and how these relate to the season's spirit. At the end of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Caro l (the real,...