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Childcare & Early Education

Taking Care of a Newborn IS Work!

August 23, 2011
Three weeks ago I “came back” to work. I say “came back” because for the previous 10 weeks I was at home taking care of a newborn and now I’m back at my full-time career. I love the saying, “every mother is a working mother.” Now that I’ve had the experience of being a first-time mother, I relate...
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Only one woman on the "Super Committee"? Ouch!

August 12, 2011
Only one woman on the "Super Committee"? Ouch! Here's the math: Women are 50.7% of our population, only 17% of Congress, and an appallingly low 8% of the Super Committee . This lack of representation on the debt ceiling Super Committee which is charged with cutting $1.5 trillion from the federal...
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Get crafty!

How to Make a Superhero Cape by Lara from HowDoesShe

August 10, 2011
I made this cape from one color of fabric, but you could easily get two different colors (1 yard of each) for a double sided cape!
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The Real Trouble With Breast Milk Baby

August 3, 2011
The controversy brewing over a new breastfeeding doll soon to be sold in the United States reminds me of the bru-ha-ha about Teletubbies when Jerry Falwell accused Tinky Winky of being gay. People rightfully upset about homophobia came to the support of the show, misguidedly defending the goodness...
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My Students Are More Than a Test Score

August 2, 2011
The brave sweating educators and parents at the rally were protesting a growing cancer on education – the bulbous growth in standardized testing. The politicians on both sides of the aisle are out of control on this one.
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Amidst U.S. Heatwave, a Lesson on Drought and Famine in the Horn of Africa

July 25, 2011
Our small steps alone will not solve the crisis, but actions suggested here help build compassion, connection, greater understanding of the world's challenges from a young age, and even cultivate creative problem solvers. Collective action builds momentum and benefits the U.S., too.
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Worldwide wrestling?

July 19, 2011
When you are struggling to keep the kids entertained during the summer, worrying about whether you actually remembered to take the sandwich out of the refrigerator and put it in your child's lunch box this morning, or engaging in a Worldwide Wrestling match to reapply sun screen on your child, the...
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How Medicaid helped me get my education and career on track

July 7, 2011
I was a student when my husband left me to care for our one year old by myself. I had to quit school and move back in with my mother to make it work. I used to work at a Coffee Bean just for the insurance, but the childcare costs were more than my hourly wage! I knew I had to go back to school if I...

Keep – Don’t Cut – CA Commission on Status of Women

June 21, 2011
No one would argue that former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had a passion for women’s . . . issues. But throughout his seven-year tenure, Arnold never made a serious and sustained effort to terminate the state’s Commission on the Status of Women. Let’s be real – it was sheer political...

Hope and Hypocrisy Under the Golden Arches

June 20, 2011
As advocates for deep change know, big success is often preceded by small incremental changes that may go unnoticed by the general public. It seems the effort to stop fast food companies from hawking toys to kids is gaining ground. I was watching Friday Night Lights recently (a great show if I don’...
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