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Early Saturday morning, the Washington State Senate passed a budget that slashes early learning, child care, education and other key programs that Washington children depend on.[1]

But the budget battle isn't over yet!  Both the State House and the State Senate have less than a week to agree on a final State Budget. The final State Budget must be approved in just a few days, so there's still a little time!

What's the plan?  Because Legislators will be overwhelmed with messages in these final days, we're getting our message out in a unique way. Right now, we're at the Washington State Capitol with a life-sized version of the Chutes and Ladders!

*Help us make our giant board game with a message stick out even more.  Ask your legislators to be on the lookout for moms and kids playing a board game with a message today. Remind your legislator: It's early learning that moves our kids ahead!

Why could the proposed budget be even worse?

Recently our state became one of just 9 states to receive the federal Race To The Top Early Learning Challenge grants! [2] Each of the $60 million grants were awarded to states that had ground breaking plans and programs in place to expand high-quality early learning and ensure that more children are ready to succeed in school and in life. [3]

If the Washington State Legislature slashes the affordable, quality early learning programs that are the pillars of why we got the $60 million dollar Challenge Grant award, then we risk losing some or all of that $60 million. [4] So if the proposed budget passes, not only would it negatively impact Washington families today, but it could jeopardize $60 million that is meant for Washington State children!

Our life-life size chutes and ladders game highlights how quality, affordable early learning helps children win.  It's filled with messages like: "$1 spent on early learning saves $7 in future government services." These are messages that we want to make sure our legislature notices

Help make our fun and unforgettable action at the Washington State Capitol stand out even more. Ask your legislators to be on the lookout for moms and kids playing a board game with a message today and remind your legislator that: It's early learning that moves our kids ahead!

Together, we are a powerful voice for children and families,

[1] The Olympian, March 2nd 2012
[3] Ibid


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