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Blog Carnivals

My One and Only

February 24, 2011
Recently several dear friends have written to tell me of their number twos on the way. Each note registers as a tiny shock to my system. I saw these children coming; I expected them in the natural course of things. But I always thought I would respond with my own exclamation, my little bit of...

Martin and Abe

February 24, 2011
My seven year old got confused between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. She kept insisting that her first grade teacher taught them about Martin Luther King, Jr. and all the work he did to help people during the Civil War. It was a hilarious conversation as I tried to explain the two...
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African American mothers and breastfeeding

February 24, 2011
As a pediatrician, mother, and an African American woman, I celebrated as both First Lady Michelle Obama and Surgeon General Regina Benjamin recently lent their voices to encourage strong support for breastfeeding. It’s inspiring to have prominent, influential African American women issuing a call...
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CA Opportunity: A Blog Carnival For Parents Seeking Coverage For Their Kids

February 19, 2011
Calling every CA parent! You have the opportunity to help make health coverage for *every single* California child a reality. Here's the deal: Between now and March 1, parents with uninsured children can lock in lower premiums on private insurance-- even if the kids have pre-existing conditions...
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Let’s Not Leave Workers in the Cold this Holiday Season

November 19, 2010
Earlier this year I was helping out with the census. I was working late night shifts, early morning shifts, all kinds of shifts and was blown away by the people that were there working on the census with me. I was doing the job because I wanted to make sure that I was helping with the process. The...
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Let’s Help Parents – and Our Schools -- on Parents’ Day

November 17, 2010
You probably didn’t know it, but today is Parents’ Day. For 89 years, during the third week in November, we celebrate American Education Week, and each day of the week we celebrate a different aspect of what makes education work. Today is Parents’ Day. Any teacher will tell you how much we rely on...
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Lame Duck Congress: Help American Families Today, Don’t Let Unemployment Benefits Expire

November 17, 2010
There was good news for our flailing economy from the Bureau of Labor Statistics this month. More than 150,000 jobs were added in the United States in October and private sector payrolls grew by 159,000. But there was some news that didn’t change: unemployment held steady at 9.6 percent. Almost 15...
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What if You Had One Unemployment Check Left?

November 16, 2010
Most of us will never know what it feels like to see our unemployment insurance benefits run out. But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel for the people who are at the economic edge, just eking by because of that check for a few hundred dollars. Aimee Brittain, 32, is coming up on a year without a job...

Standing Up for Families With Nowhere to Turn: A Blog-A-Thon on Unemployment Insurance

November 16, 2010
It's November and the holidays are fast approaching. But will out of work families be left out in the cold? On November 30, federal unemployment insurance is set to expire. Yet millions of families are relying on extended federal unemployment insurance to stay afloat financially. MomsRising members...
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Unemployment Insurance in the 1930s and today

November 16, 2010
Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) was founded in 1947 by Eleanor Roosevelt and other liberal luminaries in order to protect the legacy of her husband, the recently-deceased President Franklin Roosevelt, a legacy that included unemployment insurance (UI). That legacy was under attack by a...