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Congratulations Moms! Thanks to your help, working mothers and women are going to have better odds of being able to collect unemployment compensation when they lose their jobs.
While Wall Street rails against restrictions on executive salary bonuses placed by Congress in the economic-stimulus package, families are suffering. Bonuses? What planet are they on!? Some moms are selling their blood plasma several times a week to put food on the table.
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Any day now, President Obama will name the head of the Food and Drug Administration, and the question is: Will the new FDA revive its passion for the public interest, or continue giving consumers the toxic kiss off?
Please join me for this wonderful celebration! I'm deeply honored. Also so proud to be part of a blogging community at _____________________________________ NOW TO HONOR JOY ROSE You are invited to the National Organization for Women New York City's 29th Annual Susan B. Anthony Awards February 19th, 2009 The National Arts Club 15 Gramercy Park South 6:00 PM
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Hello MomsRising Community! I am a mother, soon to be a mother of two, and an award-winning public radio producer. I am spreading the word about my upcoming public radio documentary BORN which will air in March for Women's History Month.
February 10th was a big day if you’ve got toxics on the brain - as I do. Why? Because, as Ariana Kelly wrote here that day , it was the day the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) went into effect. And while this new law has some kinks to work out on the road to implementation, it is indeed something to celebrate.
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Technology: Friend or Foe? For a small —but growing— segment of society, the world really is an interconnected, globalized, and tech-tastic place. Not only did the internet gods deliver gchat to save us from workplace-induced comas, now it has video capabilities, too.
Dear member, Anyone else having a hard time sleeping? No wonder. Many of us are just one pink slip away from losing a home or health insurance. This is no time for politics as usual. Right now, Congress is working to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the economic stimulus package and its passage is in no way guaranteed.
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Contributed by MOTHERS volunteer and guest blogger Rosanne Weston.
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When children get sick, they depend on their parents to help them feel better, but if soup and hugs don’t work, it’s time to call the doctor.
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