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Today is Governor Schwarzenegger's birthday. But we're not exactly in the mood to throw him a party right now. On Tuesday, the Governor used his line-item veto authority to revise the state budget and add another $50 million in cuts to the state's Healthy Families Program, bringing the total cuts this year to $179 million.1 As a result, approximately 1 million children will lose their health insurance.

Let's be clear. Governor Schwarzenegger alone is responsible for this latest round of cruel cuts to this important program. The Governor's birthday is an opportunity to remind him (and the media) that his cruel budget decisions mean that millions of Californians are dreading, not celebrating, this coming year.

Send Governor Schwarzenegger your Unhappy Birthday greeting now!

We just know that Governor Schwarzenegger is going to have trouble sleeping at night after cutting 1 million kids off heathcare-- we would! So along with your Unhappy Birthday messages, we're delivering a special gift -- a soothing sleeping eye pillow decorated with kids' hand prints to remind the Governor even in his sleep that he needs to get those million kids covered.

We need to let our leaders know that these cuts are immoral and we won't forget them. Send your Unhappy Birthday greetings to Governor Schwarzenegger now!

Please spread the word to your friends and family this message so they can share their Unhappy Birthday wishes with the Governor too! It's time for everyone in California to rise up and say that our state deserves more from our leadership. Other states are managing to increase coverage for kids, even during these difficult financial times. We expect no less from our Governor for California's kids.

If you live in or around Sacramento and you'd like to help Ashley deliver this birthday package to Governor Schwarzenegger's office in Sacramento today at 1 p.m., please email


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