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MomsRising Statement on the Government Shutdown

Posted January 20, 2018 by MomsRising

Republicans in Congress once again demonstrated their skewed priorities, that they would rather shut down the government than provide protections for DREAMers -- young immigrants who came to this country as children and who contribute greatly to their communities and our country. Congressional Republicans’ unwillingness to pass a continuing resolution that would allow DREAMers to [...]

SIGN OUR LETTER telling GOP Leadership to Do Their Job!

Posted January 20, 2018 by Elyssa Koidin Schmier

Sign On!Republicans in the U.S. Congress decided they would rather shut down our government than make a deal that would provide stable funding for health insurance for children and protect DREAMers, immigrant young adults who have grown up in the U.S.! This heartless move puts at risk the health care of children, the lives of [...]

Are You Marching Today?

Posted January 20, 2018 by Kristin

I'm throwing my clothes into a suitcase as I try to get this one last message out to you. I'M HEADING TO THE WOMEN'S MARCH ANNIVERSARY IN LAS VEGAS, and I'm beyond excited! The historic Women's March last year was transformative. It inspired and empowered a whole new generation of women leaders, and I can't [...]

Trump Admin's Discrimination in Health Care "Truly A Disgrace"

Posted January 19, 2018 by MomsRising

Once again, the Trump administration is attacking the health and economic security of America’s families.  The Trump administration just announced a move to offer health care providers a license to discriminate by allowing them to deny patients the care they need if the provider -- a doctor, nurse, hospital or other entity -- has a [...]

Posted Under: healthcare

Pennsylvania families need CHIP!

Posted January 19, 2018 by Kelly Delaney

I had my son in 2001, while I was in the middle of my junior year of college. Amidst all of the typical worries that a new parent faces, I was also navigating the mechanics of how my little family would cover the costs of our existence. I was working part-time for minimum wage and [...]

Posted Under: healthcare

How to Raise a Kid With a Conscience

Posted January 18, 2018 by Caroline Knorr

Every parent wants to raise a kid with a conscience -- someone who'll do the right thing even when no one is watching. But when the road to online integrity is riddled with cyberbullying, cell phone cheating, sexting, and other risks, trusting your kid to be conscientious feels like a leap of faith. Here's the good news: Studies show that [...]

California: Let's do Big Things for our Little Learners in 2018!

Posted January 18, 2018 by Donna Hoffman Cullinan

I just returned from maternity leave after spending 4 months at home with my happy and healthy second child, only to read that California ranks third in the country for most unaffordable infant care! [1] To put it clearly, I’d spend less if I went back to college for a second degree compared to paying for infant [...]

¿Qué está pasando con el programa DACA?

Posted January 18, 2018 by linda

Aproximadamente 850 beneficiarios del DACA están perdiendo su estatus legal cada semana. El Congreso debe tomar acción inmediata y proteger a DREAMers como Priscila, quien es una maestra en Texas. Destruir los sueños de Priscila al negarle un camino para poder trabajar y obtener estatus legal no solamente va a perjudicarle a ella y a [...]

Posted Under: immigration