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As midwife Jennie Joseph writes, “mothers can suffer and experience the effects of being in a living, breathing, materno-toxic zone all of their own, based on other people’s response or reaction to their race, socio-economic status, citizenship or by being “othered” while pregnant, delivering their baby or in the postpartum year, regardless of location.”
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Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka
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We are powerful! Don't miss some great wins and stories from this last week at MomsRising. We celebrate Black Maternal Health Week, publishing and delivering our own Medicaid stories, and standing up for working families' tax credits!
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Anita Sarah Jackson
Medicaid helps families weather the storm during times of need—whether it be during a health care crisis or a time of financial hardship. But in North Carolina, lawmakers have yet to make this critical and often life-saving program available to about half a million low-income uninsured adults. That needs to change—now. North Carolina moms and families need and deserve health coverage. Expanding Medicaid would save lives and improve the health of our communities. MomsRising and members of the...
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Felicia Burnett
MomsRising, together with the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, organized the following sign-on letter for gender justice organizations in support of the Working Families Tax Credit. You can take action in support of the Working Families Tax Credit by sending your state lawmakers a quick note of support here. Honorable Members of the Washington State Legislature: We, the undersigned, write to urge you to champion the Working Families Tax Credit in the final 2019-21 budget...
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Maggie Humphreys
It's coming down to the wire for the Working Families Tax Credit and the Washington State Legislature needs to hear from you. With just two weeks left, time is running out to keep the Working Families Tax Credit part of the conversation in budget negotiations. Click here to send a quick email to elected leadership and budget negotiators and urge them to stand strong on the Working Families Tax Credit through budget negotiations! Here's the deal: The Working Families Tax Credit would be a...
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Maggie Humphreys
Today is Tax Day! Feeling less than inspired by this? That’s because the billionaires and big corporations, not people like you and me, are reaping the benefits of the Trump Tax Scam. That’s why we need to use the media moment of Tax Day to send more letters to the editor this week in your local papers talking about the Trump tax scam and the need for real tax policies that support families. Here’s the link to write a quick letter - we make it easy! I also wanted to share a quick update on how...
Speak up, even if your voice is shaking!
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S. Nadia Hussain
The only people who are happy right now during tax season are the corporations and the top 1%, who received an average tax cut of $51,000 last year alone, who are getting a windfall from the Trump Tax Plan . Tax Day is this coming Monday (April 15th) and we have one major message that we want to shout from the roof tops: The Trump Tax Scam is AWFUL and should be repealed! ***TAKE ACTION NOW! Send a letter to your local newspaper speaking out against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (aka Trump Tax Scam...