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The news has been overwhelming about the baby formula shortage. If you have a child under the age of 1 and are dealing with this, like I am, I know how stressful, scary, and frustrating the shortage is. You are not in this alone. MomsRising is here to help share information with you about how to best feed your baby during this formula shortage emergency, give you trustworthy information and updates, and even show you how to take action to create real change. We are unveiling the new Feed Your...
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Elyssa Schmier
Image of boy flying kite with text reading "No more baby talk. Let's fly into action. Strolling Thunder. Thursday, June 9th, 10-11:30 am
What is that up in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? Nope! It's a kite! Join MomsRising (and a bunch of kites!) as we fly into action in Raleigh to remind NC lawmakers that when we lift up babies and families, we all can soar! MomsRising is excited to join our partners at the Think Babies NC Alliance for a morning of child-friendly fun at the NC General Assembly. Strolling Thunder: A Think Babies NC Advocacy Day is headed back to Raleigh for the first time since the pandemic began to make sure NC...
“I am 72 with 3 chronic genetic diseases. My Rx costs are beyond what I can afford and I have postponed getting refills and doing without due to lack of funds. There are millions of us out here. Parents of handicapped children, diabetics, others with chronic illnesses. We need your help. Please work with pharma businesses to stop gouging the sick and the poor.” - Mary in Kentucky No matter our race, place, or politics, most of us want similar things: to make a good living, to care for our...
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Tasmiha Khan
Over the weekend, an 18-year-old white supremacist drove for hours to a neighborhood grocery store in Buffalo, where he shot 13 people, specifically targeting Black people. Ten died. [1] Our hearts ache for the victims and families of the Buffalo shooting and for the city itself. Our hearts break for the Black community, which once again has been targeted in a racially motivated mass shooting.
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Gloria Pan
At the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon offered up to two weeks of paid time off for employees who had Covid-19 or needed to quarantine, and now, they’ve reduced that to five *unpaid* excused days from work.
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Namatie Mansaray
Due to a historic recall of some forms of baby formula, there is now a nationwide shortage of formula and it’s a very big deal, reaching a crisis point for many families. (¿Busca información en español sobre la escasez de fórmula para bebés? MamásConPoder la tiene. Haga clic aquí .) Here’s what’s going on: In late-February the FDA announced the largest recall of baby formula in recent history after two babies died and four infants tested positive for a dangerous bacteria after consuming certain...
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Elyssa Schmier
We started the week energized by the hundreds of powerful stories you shared with us during the first ever MOMibuster! Thank you!! During the MOMibuster more than 98,000 views happened! Thank you also for tuning in! We hope you were able to sit back and be inspired by how each of our care stories add up to show that none of us are alone, that we aren’t in a epidemic of personal failures, and that we have national structural issues that we can solve together. Since then, we harnessed that energy...
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Selina Maldonado
On the radio show this week we talk about the leaked U.S. Supreme Court decision that would get rid of Roe v. Wade and what we, you, and us together can do to help protect women’s bodily autonomy; we cover maternal health and health equity; we dive into the fight for affordable, accessible childcare and for childcare workers to get living wages; and we hear about the MOMIbuster to help build momentum for change which can be watched here: *Special guests include, Leila...
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Last night, you might have been watching the Met Gala or wrapping up your normal Monday evening activities when a leaked draft opinion of the Supreme Court’s vote to overturn abortion rights landed in our news notifications. Their only goal: to strike down Roe v. Wade, decided in 1973, and strip women of their human right to bodily autonomy. Now more than ever, we need your donations and your support! Click here to donate to our movement towards culturally competent reproductive health care!...
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Diarra Aida Diouf