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Is this a school board meeting or did I inadvertently join the worst kind of book club? It is a Tuesday evening in December in Duval County, Florida. I am here with fellow members of a local advocacy group, Public School Defenders, to speak to our school board members and community-at-large. Our group regularly attends these meetings to advocate for teachers, students, and families. Tonight, I plan to voice my support for a wonderful local organization which provides thousands of books to our...
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Gamble Scott
A nurse wearing red scrubs assists an elderly patient in a wheelchair lift a weight with their right arm.
Day-after-day immigrant caregivers help keep families and children healthy and safe! They are truly unsung heroes! "I have personally benefited from the work of immigrant home health aides. During this pandemic they made it possible for me as an elderly disabled person, to stay home when New York City was ground zero for the disease. They braved the risks of the pandemic to come to work, and therefore keep me alive." - MomsRising member from New York City Across the country immigrants make up...
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Claudia Tristán
This past Tuesday marked a significant milestone as the TPS for Ecuador event unfolded at the Utah State Capitol, radiating success and celebration throughout. Immigrant voices resonated passionately, shedding light on their stories and emphasizing the indispensable contributions of immigrants to Utah's economy and the broader nation. TPS for Ecuador - UT Capitol.png Five individuals, including a prospective TPS holder, bravely shared their immigrant journeys, inspiring a call to action. Moe...
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Linda Stone
TPS for Ecuador
Nearly two years ago, amidst the tranquility of Ecuador's summer, my family's peaceful visist to my homeland turned into a nightmare. As political turmoil swept through the streets, our trip was abruptly halted in a small highland town, where the scarcity of gas heightened our sense of vulnerability. Suddenly, even a trip to the store felt perilous. With a heavy heart, we made the difficult decision to cut our visit short and return to the safety of our home in Utah. Tragically, we didn't have...
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Linda Stone
On the radio show this week we cover the importance of pushing back against extremism, including book bans and censorship, and how grandparents are rising for hope (and sanity); we dive into why some Republicans are pushing fake paid family/medical leave and get tips on how to support real policy; hear how parents can make Black History Month a month to commit to learning and reflecting throughout the year; and get the latest on the fight for eldercare and care workers.
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Exciting news! The U.S. House of Representatives passed a temporary expansion of the Child Tax Credit last week in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote and now we need the U.S. Senate to take action to get this across the finish line.
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Elyssa Schmier
USE YOUR VOICE! Help celebrate Immigrant Caregivers! National Caregivers Day is just days away! And this February 16th we’re going to lift up immigrant caregivers and remind everyone that immigrants are critical to our families, our communities, and the economy! Why now? We’re hearing a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric and cruel anti-immigrant measures being proposed in Congress. It’s time to speak up for the fair treatment of immigrants in our families, workplaces, and communities. WRITE a...
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Sue Anne Reed
For the last year I’ve been talking to parents and caregivers of young kids in every corner of our state and you know what everyone had in common? That the VPK (Voluntary Preschool Program) and child care system in our state doesn’t work for families. That’s the bad news. The good news is the new bill in the Florida legislature that could help change that.
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Jeannina Perez