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My daughter lost her job after baby

I'm writing on behalf of my daughter who had her first child in July.

After giving birth her company gave her 6 weeks of medical leave. Unfortunately after the 6 weeks the baby was still on a very unsteady sleeping schedule...usually 3 to 4 hours sleep and then waking and crying to be fed. She was ragged and slept whenever possible. Her husband owns a struggling business and is spending extra hours there lately to try to keep it going. She asked her employer for more time off but they told her to come back to work or lose the job. It was a job that she really enjoyed. Unfortunately she had to give it up...along with her medical coverage. The family now has none. She didn't want to leave the baby in child care this soon. They bought their first small home last year and were really excited. Now they will probably have to sell the house, which is over an hour from us and make some kind of "arrangements".

My wife and I are helping as much as we can but we also have limits. There have been many sleepless nights.