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Employer provided, sort of

My employer provides on site daycare. They subsidize it, so our teachers have good salaries, good benefits, healthcare, etc. It is an excellent center and the teachers have great longevity. The convenience was key to me being able to breast feed both of my daughters beyond their first birthday. However, when my oldest child started in the infant room (at 3 months) it was $1000 a month for full time. Each time she progressed into the next classroom and the ratio went up and the costs were supposed to go down, they did a price increase. So, even in the pre-school room it was $1000 per month. My new baby (now a year old) started out at $1400 per month.

Between the two I was tempted to stay home as it eats up most of my paycheck. However, my employer partially covers the premiums for dependent health insurance and covers employee in full whereas my husband's covers him in full but we would have to pay the full premium to put me and/or the kids on his policy. so, I can't afford not to work...even if it is mostly just for daycare and healthcare. And I have an MBA and a management position!

We were relieved when our oldest was able to start Kindergarten this fall (and take part in summer camp at the school this summer). Even though she is giong to Catholic school it is still far cheaper than daycare.

Dina, Washington