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MomsRising Newsroom

June 3, 2013
Statement "The nation lost a great and highly effective champion for working mothers and for children when New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg passed away today. Senator Lautenberg supported the entire MomsRising agenda, from paid sick days to protections from toxins to gun safety to fair pay. He cared about what families care about; their agenda was his agenda.   
May 9, 2013
Statement “It is shameful that a handful of senators are trying to hold up Gina McCarthy’s nomination to the post of EPA Administrator by boycotting the vote to move her confirmation forward. McCarthy is highly qualified to serve in this important post. She has 25 years of experience working on environmental issues and a history or bipartisanship. She has also been instrumental in many of the EPA’s most important clean air victories.  
May 8, 2013
News release It’s a comical, Mother’s Day montage of catchy music and “dances” mothers do in their daily lives. The “I Fed 3 Kids and STILL Got to My 9AM Meeting ON TIME,” “The Healthy Food Shopping Shake,” and “The Raise the Minimum Wage Roof” illustrate some of the aspects of motherhood that moms juggle on a regular basis.  
May 8, 2013
Statement “It’s been a long fight, but today the New York City Council heeded the call of New York families and passed a bill that would allow more than a million New Yorkers to earn paid time off to use when they are sick or to take care of sick child, spouse or parent. It’s now Mayor Bloomberg’s turn to stand up to corporate lobbyists, listen to the people who elected him, and sign this important bill into New York City law.  
May 6, 2013
Statement “As an organization representing more than a million moms nationwide, we’re thrilled when Congress puts forward policy solutions that help working families achieve economic security but the deceptively titled “Working Families Flexibility Act” (HR 1406) is bad bill with a good name.  
May 2, 2013
Statement “With Governor O’Malley’s signature, Maryland has become the 18th state in the country to abolish capital punishment. This repeal represents another step toward a more just nation, replacing the death penalty with a sentence of life without parole and also increasing funds to the families of crime victims.   “Over time, it has become clear that the death penalty does not serve as a deterrent and is application of the penalty is often flawed.  
April 26, 2013
News release, an organization of more than 1 million mothers in the United States is urging their members to contact Walt Disney World in Orlando asking them to stop working to block earned sick time initiatives in Florida. In less than 24 hours alone, more than 6,000 people signed the letter to Disney urging the company to support healthy workers and local control, and signatures are still coming in.  
April 19, 2013
Statement “Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a rule that will go a long way in protecting the health of our environment and our families. That rule includes the first-ever federal limits on the discharge of toxic pollutants including mercury, lead, arsenic, selenium, nitrogen and others into America’s waterways. It would also lower families’ and children’s exposure to these toxic chemicals that seep into the environment from power plants.  
April 17, 2013
Statement “We are deeply disappointed that the U.S. Senate voted down the Manchin-Toomey bill that would have required what 90 percent of Americans support – legislation requiring comprehensive background checks for purchasing firearms.   “Senators Joe Manchin and Patrick Toomey showed great courage and wisdom, as well as bipartisan spirit, in working together to craft this common-sense bill. The Senators who voted against this bill did so out of unreasonable and cowardly fear of the NRA leadership.  
April 10, 2013
Statement “Today, Senators Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) stood up for America’s moms and their families by introducing The Safe Chemicals Act. This bill would protect families and children from dangerous toxic chemicals that are found in everyday consumer products, like toys, furniture and even canned foods.